Dependable Homebuyers Williamsburg Creates Controversy With Recent Ad

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Dependable Homebuyers has been under fire by many traditional real estate agents in the Williamsburg area. They have great worry that the tactics of the company is going to be a great challenge to the status quo.

With years of experience, the agents of the company have developed a great understanding of the market. They have learned how to be aggressive in identifying homes that can be purchased directly from homeowners. Once they homes are selected and contact with the homeowner is made, they make a cash offer and present to the homeowner within 24 hours. This offer does not place the homeowner under any type of obligation. Should the homeowner decide to accept the offer, then closing takes places within 7 days.

Dependable Homebuyers recently ran a Facebook marketing campaign aimed at new sellers. The ad was named “Fire Your Realtor!” This ad was met by great offense from competing realtors. They met the campaign with great anger and resentment.

Dependable Homebuyers sets themselves apart from traditional real estate agents. Agents typically want to list houses without any guarantee that they will be sold. On the other hand, Dependable Homebuyers buys houses with cash, giving homeowners a simple solution to selling their home quickly. Opting for selling a home in this way cuts out the lengthy process that comes along with listing your home with a traditional real estate agent. Also, when using a realtor, homeowners incur additional fees and commissions that they have to pay.

“For hundred of years the real estate business has been run just the same. Some of the bigger agents in the industry seem to have become comfortable with the status quo. They feel as if I am rocking the boat with the way I run my company,” said Evan Roberts with Dependable Homebuyers. “We have perfected the technique of using our strengths to benefit ourselves as well as our clients. We offer them the best possible deal and go out of our way to make the selling process run as smoothly as possible.” Interested homeowners can read a recent press release they published at

When working with Dependable Homebuyers, clients can rest assured that they will have the help of a professional team working on their side to get them the best offer possible for their home. From start to finish, Dependable Homebuyers is there to walk the client through any questions or issues they may have pertaining to selling their home.

Dependable Homebuyers is in the business of buying homes in as-is condition regardless of the need for extensive repairs or an undesirable location. Potential clients who are interested in learning more about the company and the services they have to offer in the Williamsburg area, are encouraged to visit their website. It will offer the initial point of contact as well as more details about the company and what they have to offer to potential clients. They have worked hard to build a reputation for themselves and stay on top of the market in the Williamsburg area, reaching out to potential clients to help them find relief from being stuck in an unwanted home. More of Dependable Homebuyers services can be found here:




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