7 Tips For Setting Up A Nursery 

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Congratulations on your new baby, momma! What an exciting, crazy and intense time. If you’re looking for some realistic tips for decorating a nursery- you’ve come to the right place :)

Keep Spending To A Minimum


When you find out you’re pregnant for the first time it is so very easy to let all caution go to the winds and start buying whatever you can get your hands on- don’t do this!


Take some time before you buy something to make sure you really want/need it. 


Avoid Clutter


Even though babies don’t NEED much- they seem to end up with a LOT. It piles up and creates some crazy clutter. Try to keep your baby’s nursery open and as clear as possible.

This is helpful because you will be in and out of that room about a million times every 24 hours.


Pick A Theme


Picking a theme really helps to keep spending to a minimum because when you find something you like but it doesn’t fit the theme then you don’t buy it! 


This article from The Mommyhood Club has some great ideas for a rustic woodlands nursery. Or, here are some great ideas for a Boho nursery.


Themes don’t need to be complicated. It could be as simple as a couple of colors, an ocean theme, Disney, little explorer, etc.


Only Stock Necessities


Seriously, all the stuff that accumulates with babies can get out of hand FAST! Try to keep the ‘just in case’ stuff to a minimum. 


Babies need diapers, clothes, wipes, bum cream and not much else!


Keep Things Classic


By keeping things classic, you’re allowing yourself flexibility as your child grows. 

If you have a room that is all ABC’s and counting with bright garish colors, they might grow out of that faster than you’d like. Keep things (relatively) timeless to allow more time before changing things up completely.

Keep Everything Within Reach Of Change Table


When planning your baby’s nursery, plan it out so that everything you need during change times (clothes, diapers, wipes, bum cream, a toy for distraction) is all within arms reach. 


Trying to walk across the rooms during a change is the WORST. So plan accordingly!

Babies Don’t Care What Their Room Looks Like


At the end of the day, your baby doesn’t care what their room looks like. They care about milk, snuggles and getting enough love from mom and dad.


If you really don’t feel like putting a lot into your nursery- don’t. Simple and functional is best! For you and baby.


And on the other side, if you want to go all out- go for it!


I hope you have a fun time decorating your new baby’s nursery! Congratulations and good luck on your motherhood journey


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