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Working with International Clients in the Luxury Real Estate Market

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Working with international clients should never be out of the question. One of the biggest benefits of becoming a luxury real estate professional is the ability to branch out far and wide. And we're not just talking about a few cities over. We're talking about the whole world over.


In facting, working with international clients is a big draw for some luxury real estate professionals looking for a way to "niche down" their luxury real estate practice. Specializing in international relocation opens up a whole new realm of prospects, and is a great way to stand out from the crowd. But how does it work? How can a luxury real estate professional in the United States start working with clients in Canada? Or the UK? Or France? And how do those international clients find you?


The short answer: it all depends on your real estate marketing strategy and joining the right networks. First, know that most international clients will likely find you online if they don't have a direct referral. That means the most important part of marketing to these clients is making sure your digital marketing strategy is cohesive, up-to-date- and strong.



If you’re not yet consistent with social media marketing, it’s time to start. International clients use many of the same social media platforms, and while they may not reach out directly to you through these platforms, many will certainly browse through whatever content you have available.


And it makes sense — if they can’t yet meet you in person, they’ll want to get a feel for you first to make sure they want to reach out in the first place. In that case, it’s important that your social media marketing efforts offer a clear reflection of your brand, your personality, and the expertise you bring to the table.


This doesn’t mean you need tons of free information resources available (like market reports, valuation tools, etc.) for prospects who visit your social media accounts. However, having a few resources doesn’t hurt. Just be sure to capture their email address in exchange on some of the resources you do offer so you can follow up.



These days, clients of all ages are likely to visit your website from their mobile phone or tablet. That means it’s important to make sure your website loads quickly, is mobile-optimized (in other words, it looks nice and clean on a cell phone or tablet view), and that all the important links work.


Since there may be a language barrier, you’ll also want to keep your site heavier on visuals and lighter on text. If you focus on other niches outside of international clients, you may want to create separate websites for each.


Besides the fact that international clients may have a language barrier, they will also have different needs. This means you’ll want a different lead magnet front and center on your website to capture their email address in exchange for information that could be valuable to them and show off your expertise.



Another way to attract international clients? Earn your designation through the Institute. The Institute has international reach, helping luxury real estate professionals in both the United States and Canada.


Still, many of our Members work with clients outside of these two territories. Because the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ designation is internationally known, and so is our Member Directory, our Members are sought after by international clients.


A CLHMS™ designation shows affluent clients worldwide that you have the marketing skills and experience to successfully market their homes, giving you an edge over your competitors.


Plus, CLHMS™ designees are allowed to use the CLHMS™ designation logo — which international clients recognize — in their email signatures, on their social media profiles, and even on their websites.


And of course, the Institute’s training helps you deliver to meet those clients’ high expectations and even exceed them.



We know there’s a lot to learn. Here are a few great resources that will help you experience what the Institute and our community have to offer:


- Subscribe to our Estate of Mind podcast and/or Estate of Mind video series on YouTube for monthly deep-dives into specialized luxury real estate topics with industry experts;


- Take our Luxury Livestream or Luxury Online training to qualify for Institute Membership and its many Member Benefits;


- Visit your Membership Portal for brand new training sessions, as well as our book, Rich Buyer Rich Seller: The Real Estate Agents’ Guide to Marketing Luxury Homes, which is available for free to all Institute Members and also available on Amazon.