6 Hotel Marketing Strategies To Surge Bookings

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One way or another, a person has to stay in a hotel once in their life. The only issue these days hotel management is facing is that they are failing miserably to get the customers' attention. The reason behind it is one: people have other options. A huge number of people prefer to stay in Airbnb rather than a hotel. Because the charges for Airbnb are reasonable, a person can enjoy the flexibility, and it even feels like home. Howbeit if hotels make efforts, by designing their services keeping in mind clients needs and requirements. Moreover, if they work on their marketing strategies, they can come back into the game for sure.

Hotel marketers are not at all unaware of the issues. They just behave stubborn or lazy. Here, these lines are not about some specific hotel present in the USA, UK, or Asia. It is for all. Name any hotel like The Kings Hotel, Star Hotels, H & S Hotels, Crystal Plaza Hotel or so on; you can easily find a lack in marketing strategies.

So, if you are among those who fail to do marketing of the hotel? Don't know how to grab the attention of the people towards your hotel and make them excited to book it right away? Here are some tips for hotel marketing success. Kindly read them till the end!

  •         Make sure to target the right audience  
  •         Remarketing is essential
  •         The online search process should be easy to conduct
  •         Best deals to grab the attention of the travellers
  •         Along with the hotel, market the location
  •         The website should be user friendly

Make Sure to Target the Right Audience

The audience of each hotel is different according to the services they offer. The hotel management should know about their audience very well and keeping that in mind, they must work on the marketing strategies.

Few hotels have options for everyone. Those with lower income can book a room, and even luxury suites are also available. Now the hotel marketers must break down these two audiences and target them separately. It is a process that demands time. There is no point in copying strategy from competitors, as it is not going to be beneficial.

Remarketing is Essential

It might surprise many, but the abandonment rate of hotels during online booking is quite high. According to a study, 8 out of 10 people follow the process of booking, get distracted due to some reason and leave the process in between. Now the reason for distraction could be any. Someone might knock at the door and become the cause of abandonment, or while booking, they find a better deal. Now it doesn't matter what the cause was, a hotel marketer shouldn't give up.

In such situations remarketing comes to the rescue, as it lessens the chances of abandonment. Once a person visits the hotel website and gets distracted due to any reason, they should see a similar ad or some sort of notification again. All this works as a reminder for them that they left something in between.

The Online Search Process Should be Easy to Conduct

No one can deny the fact that technology has taken over the world. The revolution can be seen in the travelling industry too. The times are gone when people used to contact travel agents to find good hotels. These days travellers help themselves by researching hotels on the internet. Now, if the hotel website is not easy to find, you will not get business.

If someone is suggesting you rely on organic optimization solely, don't listen to them. It has been noticed that SERP is heavily monetized with hotel research ads. So, use every platform without underestimating any,

Offer Deals to Grab Attention of The Travellers

The competition in the market is quite tough. Each hotel tries different tactics to grab the attention of the customers. So, keep a close eye on your competitors and see in which department you are lacking.

Bring attractive deals for the customers that didn't allow them to look into some other direction.

Along With the Hotel, Market the Location

Marketing your hotel is not enough. Those who are visiting the specific area for the first time should know why it’s better than others? Of course, customers focus on the amenities offered by hotel management, but they are even keen to know how the surrounding areas are going to be.

The Website Should be User Friendly

When making a website for your hotel, make sure it looks classy, and people can easily understand it. Remember, people, when looking for something online, give a few seconds to the specific brand. So, if the hotel website is not opening quickly or it is hard to figure out where to find the key information like contact details, payment details, etc. The customer will not stay on the site for more than a few seconds. So, make sure the navigation and design are clean. 

Still No Reservations

Even after applying all the above-discussed strategies, the hotel fails to get good business. It simply means the effort wasn’t enough, or the hotel is in the middle of nowhere. Anyone who works on the above-discussed strategies can get back on track within no time. 

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