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I received a good question on a previous older post asking if I have ever tried adding nfts into marketing my listings? So I wanted to share my response as a post to outline some of the things I have done with nfts. 

There have been a few ways to use the nfts to market first of course I posted here on ActiveRain here is an nft group I started on AR NFT group   then posted about how others can make nfts from tweets Mint your tweets into nfts I used my nfts on social medias like Twitter with trying to start a #1stNFTmintedRealtor added that to my Twitter profile.



Then trying to help those that follow my blog and joined the nft group here on AR letting them know nfts are coming to Facebook and Instagram which I already posted my nfts real estate related of youtube videos I made into nfts via marble cards. Instagram nfts then I utilized the alexa skill for Help Me Buy My New Home for the real estate voice activated search videos to make nfts of those to generated something new with existing content I had created you will see a couple pictures of the help me buy my new home alexa skill marble cards on the instagram nft post. I then went on to post the nfts of #1stNFTmintedRealtor to my Facebook business page and again the Youtube area videos along with Help Me Buy My New Home video nfts and created from the TV episodes I ran before Team Sold Tv new nfts for that as well, then posted on my websites for the blog there trying to cover the bases for integration of the nfts in marketing.


Making a nft of individual properties being offered for sale I have not created since taking and completing the blockchain certification course Blockchain cert the founder of reconsortia mention that as a Security and Exchange Commission certified investment banker she viewed all nft offerings of real estate properties as securities so I havent created any listing specific ones to market. You are able to use their platform at Reconsortia to submit properties for nfts with them creating them, I dont agree with her position on that topic and wouldnt agree if the SEC determined that was their positions as well but have still decided to proceed with caution and not create listing specific ones for sale as of right now there is no case law on the books to point to showing that real estate nfts are a security in my opinion and I raised that question to the course director who didnt point to any case laws being on the books as its yet to be tested and tried.

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