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The little closing that could.....

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Well, it has been several days since my last post, and I will admit that the withdrawals have been horrrrribbbbbleeee.  However, I have legitimate reason why I have not been spilling the knowledge from forth my mind.  It is called a closing.  Yes, almost all of us have had one of those things before, but what made these past few days so special, for me in particular, has to be the fact that it was an FHA loan.  How could that be so bad? Don't thousands upon thousands of those things close daily, or weekly? Sure.  Did I mention that this was also a VA loan? Oh yeah, I must of forgotten that.  It was a VA loan too. 

Those things in themselves should not be so bad, and hey, I got a check. The struggle for me was that we had a set closing for today, and the lender called the title company Tuesday to say that they were ready and the closing was going to be on last Thursday. Great, no problem. I couldn't believe my ears. After all, the lender had just asked me for more paperwork on Tuesday morning.  Ahh, silly me. What do I know about closings? If they say they are ready, then I should just get out of the way and let them do their jobs.

A funny thing happened Thursday, the day of the closing.  The lender decided that I needed to send more paperwork.  Okay, this is getting close, but it's still early.  By 12:30 my title company said no way.  Okay, I'm flexible.  Closing on Friday.  Friday, by 3:30, I figured out it wasn't going to happen again.  That turns into Monday, still need more paperwork. 

Somehow, the buyer was able to sign paperwork, and get a closing. Of course at almost 5pm, no funding until today.  We signed our paperwork, and there it was: finished. 

Has anybody ever dealt with a lender this disorganized before? I mean, they rushed to close less than 24hrs early.

Alas, this too is done, and I have learned a valuable lesson: never let a lender close early on FHA, or VA loans unless you physically see every document finished in the presence of your closer.  At least, that is what I think I took from this. 

Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated.

Yes, I am very thankful for the check, and what did I really do to earn it? Other than the stress, and phone calls, at least I didn't have to dive into a tank full of sharks. Oh wait, I think I did....Just kidding.