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Why cool/heat the whole house when you can control your home room by room

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Image of MyTemp touch screen display and small, wireless Smart Controllers

Here is an interesting concept on how to maintaining comfortable temperatures in every room of your home. No more cold spots or hot spots; no more uneven temperatures upstairs or downstairs; just superior temperature control . . .cement for your furnace or air-conditioner. It is a room-by-room temperature control system that uses your (1) existing heating and cooling equipment and (2) ductwork. Here is how they do it. When the MyTemp system is installed in your home, a wireless (3) Smart ControllerTM is placed in each room. It continuously measures and transmits the room's temperature. A (4) wireless receiver collects this information and passes it along to the (5) master unit. Using temperature information from each room as well as temperature data from an (6) outside monitor, sophisticated software determines which rooms need conditioning. Using air pressure and vacuum supplied from an external (7) air pump and power supply individual rooms are included or removed from the conditioning cycle by opening and closing 8)dampers in the duct work. The master unit then activates the heating, cooling, and circulation equipment in your home to achieve your settings. Using information from the (9) plenum sensor, the master unit can determine how many dampers can be simultaneously closed without effecting your equipment. You can adjust the temperature for single rooms, groups of rooms, or the entire home using the touch-screen on the (10) main display. Once set up, the MyTemp system automatically maintains your temperature settings throughout your house.  I am not endorshing this product, rather I thought it is good information in the light of the higher heating and cooling bills we are facing.


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Ray Henderson
Weichert Realtors' Northeast Group - Saratoga Springs, NY

I added that one to my favorites and will check it out!!!

Aug 10, 2008 10:41 AM

and how much does a system typically run?  do you have one?  have you had personal experience with this?  I think it sounds great.  would be really great when  you dont use every room in thehouse.  my bedroom is typically colder than the rest of the house in the winter so that would be wonderful.  but again it has to make sence and be cost effective in terms of how long it takes to recoup ones investment. 

Aug 10, 2008 11:03 AM