Memories Of A Former Combat Marine About Service To My Comrades

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If you've ever served in The Corps (as I have) and have ever been stationed at MCB Quantico you most certainly have been to "Q'Town".  There is no other town like it in the US.  It is completely surrounded by the base. I revisited "Q'Town" recently and realized not much has changed with one exception.  There is now a coffee shop advertising internet access.  Since my first visit to Quantico Town preceded Al Gore inventing the Internet that sign did not exist.

This posting will not bore you with the history of MCB Quantico.  It has changed considerably over the years as has the residential area surrounding it.  All we know for certain is that coffee shop with internet access wasn't here in 1917 when MCB Quantico was "born".

My wife and I have served members of all branches of the military over the past 32 years from Corporals to Generals As a former combat Marine I have the greatest respect for the sacrifices families and loved ones of military personnel make every hour of every day.  It is both my duty and pleasure to serve members of the military relocating to Northern Virginia.

I hope those of you who were ever at MCB Quantico enjoy the Q'Town pictures.  If you were never stationed at MCB Quantico you must visit when and if you come to the National Capital Area.  Yes, the Bolognese store is still there with gear and memorabilia.

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