Classic 1973 Lyman Boat

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We moved to Lake Wylie from Ohio eleven years ago.  In the move, we brought our Classic 1973 Lyman from Lake Erie. Most northerner's know the repetition of the Lyman. Built in Sandusky, Ohio, it was sold as being able to handle any storm on Lake Erie. That's saying a lot when Lake Erie, being the shallowest of the Great Lakes, has the most ferrous storms.

Every month some boater will come near our dock or wave us down on Lake Wylie and asks "Is that really a Lyman?" Likewise, our Lyman always tells me while boating on Lake Wylie "I'm bored; take me back to the action of the Great Lakes".

Boating on Lake Wylie is truly one of the benefits of living around Lake Wylie. The lake has 325 miles of shoreline to explore, beautiful coves, and smooth water for water skiing.

We have the only Lyman on Lake Wylie, therefore, if you see a Lyman, wave us down and ask, "Is that really a Lyman?"  

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