What to do after puchasing your home!

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Purchasing a home, the American dream!  What is the next step afer this dream?  After you saved, cut coreners, and made some sacrafice to work towards the goal of purchasing your home it is now time to look at saving for retirement and other securities in life!  The house warming party is over and your future is in your hands. 


When families buy a new home a lot of things in their lives change, but all too often we

fail to update our family's financial plan. Many of my clients have worked with Brian

Easlon; he helps family's develop financial security. He does this by offering a no cost

financial analysis, think of this like a road map to help you on your way to meeting your

goals, and think of Brian as someone that will be an advocate for your family helping

you with the tough questions and someone that will be there down the road to help you

over the little speed bumps that life puts in our way.

I personally utilize many programs that Brian has to offer, plan for your future and call Brian.

Brian Easlon


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