Tempature goes down and critters and insects come in, Tulsa OK

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There are a couple facts about living in the Tulsa area.  It get's cold and we have critters and insects.  You put the two together and the critters and insects start to move in to the house where it is nice and warm. 

Be prepared for the cold weather to come, if you haven't already sprayed your home for insects and spiders, do it NOW!  The insect spray that you buy at Lowe's or Home Depot isn't potent enough, from my experience.  You can go to a place called Lesco 918-665-6811, its at 10825 E. 55th Pl.  There you can purchase a product that the professionals use, just follow directions and you will be on your way to protecting your home from invading insects and spiders.  It works!

While at Lesco, you can pick up sticky mice traps, not saying you have mice but you can never be too safe.  Those mice try to get where it is nice and warm when winter hits.  Pick up a case, you can use them for spiders too. 

Maintenance wise, make sure all of the cracks around your home are sealed, exterior gaps between brick and door jambs, make sure your garage door is sealing properly, etc.  This will reduce the amount of critters/insects that make it in to you home.

Have a Merry Christmas!



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