Choosing Marble Countertops from Rock Tops Granite – St. Louis County, MO

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Marble comes in various varieties from which it is named, from the quarry that it comes from - such as Paros, Pentelli of Greece and Carrara of Italy.


Marble, crystallized limestone is composed of quartz and orthoclase, or sometimes microcline.  Typically marble is used on construction of buildings, sculpture and monuments.  Advantage technology and surface finishes have made marble applicable for other types of surfaces.  A polished finish provides depth and richness of color for sinks and vanities and honed finishes creates non-slippery flooring.


Faux marbling is a painting technique that is used to mimic the color and pattern of marble.  Marble can also be mixed with synthetic resins to create a cultured marble appearance.


Although marble is primarily used in the construction industry, today marble is a popular decorative choice and is also synthetically imitated due to its colorful pattern.


This article was written by Charlie Thiede, owner of Rock Tops Granite, the leading experts in granite and marble countertops fabrication and installation.  With their use of the latest technology for cutting, shaping and finishing the stone to perfection, they produce the highest quality custom countertops at the lowest price of their competitors.  Visit to locate a showroom where you can learn more about beautiful granite and marble countertops.




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