Wall Mart is shutting down!

Real Estate Broker/Owner

Okay, maybe not today, but what if is did?  I was watching a movie tonight, War of the Worlds, the old movie about an alien invasion and thought what would it be like if we had such an event today.  We all know that our world has been turned upside down by the down economy, caused by what most people would say is simple greed by a few. 

But is this really such a bad time?  Can you handle less than two dollar gas?  How about food in all the stores?  Do you still have cable, electric power, heat, and a working frig? 

There are billions of people on this planet that have none of the things we have.  We are spoiled to think that we are having it bad.  

The conditions that we have today are nothing compared to other times in the worlds history.  In fact, during the civil war, our country saw millions die, families destroyed and much more.   The great depression was much worst than today, with people not even able to feed themselves in the millions.  

We debate such trivial things when our short lives are being used up.  Go hug a family member today or tell a friend how much you care.   Stop worrying about the things you cannot change.


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