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Erasing All Types of Bad Credit Permanently!

Fix Credit Biz offers permanent bad credit removal nationwide. The company has removed all types of bad credit including BANKRUPTCY, LATE PAYMENTS, CHARGE OFFS, ERRORS, IRS, REPOS, CHILD SUPPORT, FORECLOSURES, JUDGEMENTS, LATE PAYS, STUDENT LOANS & MORE (Note: IRS and Child support are two newly recurring marks on your credit report so even though this service can remove even these marks permanently what you owe the IRS and child support may come back on your credit report, for example new tax bills are issued to your credit report once a year).

In 2007, my first processed order as an affiliate of Fix Credit Biz came from a customer who went on to receive a credit score increase of 104 points total from the 3 major bureaus! This customer started with an average of 21 derrogatories on each one of Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax credit reports. At the end of their first year this customer's derrogatories went down to an average of 11 and 30 derrogatories were deleted and removed permanently from the customer's credit records. This customer faxed in their updates 8 of the 12 months during their first year in the Fix Credit Biz program with no monthly fees.

Knowing which derrogatories will come off which credit reports beforehand can be difficult. Many lenders qualify people for a loan using the mid score from all 3 credit bureaus so it is especially important to have a high mid score. Also note that customers who send in updates normally receive the best results. Updates are pieces of mail that the bureaus send to active Fix Credit Biz customers every 30 to 45 days.

Fix Credit Biz also provides FREE 24/7 online tracking with live support and records of dates for the actions performed by credit repair case managers. You can see starting and remaining derrogatories, live estimated credit scores (FICO scores), and receive target credit score notification. This means Fix Credit Biz can immediately by the request of the customer email a customer's loan officer, real estate agent or affiliate when the target score is reached. Also, there is no debt payment proof required. Customer support is open 8-5 p.m. Monday thru Friday in English or Spanish. Customers receive a toll free 800 # upon sign up and are free to call anytime. The price is $500 for 1 full year of service and is 100% money back guaranteed.

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