Hopkinton Education Gala

Real Estate Agent with Hallmark Sotheby's International Realty

A few years ago I was asked by the Hopkinton Education Foundation to sponsor the Gala Game Room. Times were good in Real Estate and it just seemed like a fun way to give back to the community. Often as Realtors we are asked to sponsor many in town events. It makes a lot of sense as normally the people who ask us to sponsor their organization are the people who have chosen us to represent them in the sale of their home and/or the purchase of a new home. So, I wrote out the check, designed an ad, had a sign made (by Mike Carroll who is also a sponsor), and showed up at the event.

There is a certain vibe at the Gala. It is a high energy vibe. The people who are there are the ones who care greatly about the education of Hopkinton's children. They are young parents. The ones whose children are about to embark on their wonderful journey thru the Hopkinton Public School system. They are parents who have children in many different grades and there are the parents who have been supporting the schools  for years and years and continue to do so. There are people who live in big houses and little houses, neighborhoods and country roads. What ties us all together isn't the age of our child or the size of our house or who are neighbor is. It is our desire to give our children the best education. It is our desire to enrich their education and support our Teachers and Principals and our Superintendent.

This year, I am happy to say that I have made my Professional Affiliation with Hallmark Sotheby's International Realty. We too are a group of highly dedicated Realtors who strive everyday to enrich the lives of our children, our clients, and the community as a whole. Each of us was hand picked to work for Hallmark Sotheby's. Each organization that we support has been hand picked by us as a team. When we are confronted with the decision to be the biggest or the best we will always choose the best. It is for that reason that we, as a group, chose to sponsor the Hopkinton Education Gala Game Room.

For more information on the HEF Gala, email them at info@HopkintonedFoundation.org or email me at www.JeannineCoburn.com

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Diane Norby

Thank you for supporting education in Hopkinton! As a parent of three children who have gone through/are currently in thiscorosol school system, and as a teacher who has been awarded several HEF grants, I know first hand how richly our children have been served by the HEF. Kudos to all and good luck with the upcoming gala!


Feb 04, 2009 02:49 AM
Tom Coburn

Thanks for supporting the Hopkinton Schools.  It is because of the support of business professionals like yourself that the Hopkinton School District is model for the rest of the state.  The Hopkinton schools are excellent!  Thank You. 

Feb 05, 2009 08:55 AM