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Green Well - the instructor Dwyane Carte fom MPLS MN area is very good, lively and entertaining in his delivery.  I think I am just too much of a cynic to embrace this class.  There is good material but nothing we have seen before if every watch a news program. Green building/remodeling/environmental responsibility is pretty widely known. 

Some things I feel are very subjective.  Ceramic coffee cups vs Styrofoam which is worse? If you do the research (google it not hard o find)  it all depends on what part of the planet you are passionate about protecting - land fills or the air - they have equal impact on the environment just in different areas.  Most class goers I don't think recognize this, and that is as sad as being uneducated.  The class has not offered the explanations of "trade-offs" of one environmental save and the cost for the alternative.

We are talking about LARGER scenarios such as reclaiming a brownfields or grayfields sites, and that's all nice and good but what value does it have to me as a Realtor to be well versed in some of the fine details?

The message so far is be aware be responsible, get involved in the community to make it happen, think long term, think future. Research the laws the impact the building codes to be a resource for resource.

So far I would say turn on National Geographic - skip the class. all classes have value and I have some great resource material - usable in my mainly residential real estate - No. Maybe NAR wanted to jump on the band wagon before it appears that we wern't interested, hence lets throw together a class on the subject.  But worth a 2 day class at close to $300 ???? plus another 1 day class for the designation and $100/yr dues to be green???

The answer to that that is as subjective as the subject matter - depends what your most passonite about.



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Tom Ferry
Tom Ferry-yourcoach - Newport Beach, CA

That's too bad Jo!


Feb 04, 2009 11:12 AM
Jo Baldridge
Cindy Gerke & Associates - La Crosse, WI

Hi Tom,

I may be just me. I do work with a lot of builders and while some of it has merit, other parts are, at the moment, unrealistic.  I do believe we all need to do our part however - and follow though all the way with that part your addressing, most are 1/2 way recyclers etc. Environmental disposal is equally if not more important than environmental purchasing.

Feb 04, 2009 11:22 AM
Anna Ryan
Keller Williams Realty - Simpsonville, SC

Well said.  We so need more social responsibility.  But I am feeling a shift of consciousness.  I'm sure many timeas it is out of lack of convenience more than anything.

Feb 04, 2009 11:26 AM