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Welcome to Guaranteed Rate.  

Since our founding in 2000, Guaranteed Rate Inc has grown to become the largest independent mortgage company in the Midwest. We’ve been able to achieve this growth by following the simple idea of providing a streamlined mortgage experience for our clients combined with the lowest possible rates.

Outstanding customer service is the benchmark by which we measure our success and our guarantee of the lowest rates available ensure our clients realize their home ownership goals. We are continually investing in technology, training and product development to streamline the entire mortgage process from application to closing.

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These investments yield high productivity, fast closings and, most importantly, a satisfied client. Our customer surveys have consistently 95+% high-satisfaction scores month-to-month. Our lofty customer service marks are a testament to putting the customer experience at the center of our business model.

With that as backdrop Guaranteed Rate has successfully worked with thousands of clients over the last six years closing over $8Billion in business, and is on pace to close nearly $4Billion in 2007.

We have the lowest rates on a full menu of proprietary programs combined with knowledgeable loan officers that will get the job done. Guaranteed Rate has 400 employees in ten offices and we’re licensed to do business in 30 states.

                                  Guaranteed Rate's Growth over the last 6 years.

"Abe has been one of the best people for me to know in purchasing and
financing my home. He introduced me to my fantastic realtor, helped me
with any questions I had or pointed me to who I could talk to, and
helped make my closing go as smoothly as it could have. With some of the
recent changes in rates, he's even working with me to refinance my mortgage to
take advantage of that and he's eager to do it, helping me all the way
through it.

Chris S., Chicago

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Yes! but you forgot the best part!

 The name is Guaranteed Rate Subprime!

100% LTV, Stated Income! bankruptcy (even before this loan) no problem!

Real Estate pro's rejoice! The good times roll again. Illegals, children, retards, bums, alcoholics.... there must be buyers left out there with a pulse!

Now if I could just get the name of a good appraiser (you ALL KNOW what I mean!) ....ahhh the sweet smell of my green 3%!

May 09, 2007 06:17 AM
Abe Loper
Nobility Partners, LLC - Lynchburg, VA
I'm not gonna delete that last comment because I want everyone to know that I'm not affraid of fools and their unfounded accusations.  Go ahead and read it carefully.  Check out the link that he left.  ....   Guaranteed Rate is the name of my company, not Guaranteed Rate Sub Prime, as Jason stated.  We do have a sub-prime division, as do Citi Mortgage, Chase, Wells Fargo, and Washington Mutual.  In our early years, we did not have any sub-prime division and were only able to do conventional mortgages.  When we finally rolled out our sub-prime division, we made a website to announce the new products.  That's the site that Jason has posted a link to.  

It seems like Jason may have had a bad experience in the past and that he's going around badmouthing brokers as a way to "get back" at people who he has clearly rolled into one big ball of evil, in his own mind.  I know what that's like.  I was the victim of a predatory lender when I bought my first house.  It was considered a sub-prime deal and the lady that acted like my broker and friend was really very little of the first and none of the second.  Fortunately for me, I was able to buy a second home 2 years later and I was able to learn what it's like to really be cared for by a broker.  When I learned how much good a caring broker could do in someone's life, I changed my career and began studying for the Illinois Registered Loan Originator's Exam (the hardest in the country).  It was wrong, what that first broker did to me, but I would be wrong if I let that eat me up inside and cause me to attack other people without a full knowledge of who they are and what they do.  

Thanks everyone for taking a few minutes to read this.  
May 09, 2007 06:42 AM

I've heard very good things about Guaranteed Rate. Thanks for the post, and for your gracious response to the first commenter.

A friend of mine just obtained financing through G-rate after purchasing her home with They're teaming up now, it seems.

Nov 13, 2007 07:22 AM