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Folks, I have seen it all. In good times and bad. I have marketed and sold property in all market conditions. From the devastating inflationary cycle of the 1970's to the exorbitant interest rates of the 1980's; from the foreclosure glut of the 1990's to the boom and bust years of the first seven years of the 21st century. Since I started in the real estate industry in 1977, I have experienced a variety of challenging and illuminating transactions. I have closed real estate deals from simple cash to loan sales of single family homes to complex private/institutional financed deals involving mix use properties. I have even closed escrows where the seller initially did not even have marketable title to the property he was attempting to convey. And if your transaction involves commercial or residential tenants, my property management experience will also protect your interests throughout the entire escrow process.

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In addition to assisting buyers find their first home or investment property,  I have helped developers locate and close on properties such as abandoned buildings, government cited parcels or vacant land. I also market and sell properties that require unconventional financing such as trailer parks and split zoned parcels. 

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