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ARE YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW FACING FORECLOSURE? I can help SAVE the property, work to have missed payments moved to the end of the mortgage, keep your family in the home and avoid displacement.

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My service is free to distressed homeowners looking for guidance when searching for a legit loan modification company. I am appalled at the fact that so many homeowners are being taken advantage of or being ripped off by companies who portray themselves to be something that they are not. I have taken it upon myself to do this research, and find out who is the real deal. Because the fact of the matter is 75% of loan modification companies fall in the categories of either scam artists or inexperienced and misleading. Most of you in desperate need of help, are panicking and doing this sort of research is overwhelming for you. On the other hand, there are reliable Attorneys out there who have credentials. The challenge is trying to locate them. So what I have done is my own research on individual Attorneys to ensure they are established and reputable.I have complied a handful of Attorneys and Law Firms who:1. Are  in good standing with the Bar Association 2. Are actual licensed attorneys who will be representing you and negotiating for you.3. Have proof of success4. Have passed my legitimacy test (scam free, and researched thoroughly through reliable resources.)5. Have reasonable fees6. Have the clients best interest in mind7. Are structured and organized8. Are in compliance with federal regulations and guidelines9. Are helping homeowners in the State you reside inAs you can see this takes a lot of footwork and many hours to develop. Each Attorney or Law Firm is unique in their own way and offer different services and have variable fees.What I will do is discuss with you one on one about your unique situation. I will then determine your eligibility, and will decide which one of these legit Attorney's will suit your specific needs. Once you are on board with a specific law firm, (which I will help you with) you and I will stay in contact throughout the process if you wish. I do not charge a fee to provide this information to you. I am so fed up with all of the scams, I feel it is my personal duty to stand up for the public and provide this service. I have compiled many blogs which provide valuable information for homeowners in need of assistance. I feel consumers are entitled to ample information when making a decision that involves their most valuable asset, their home.

There are multiple Loss Mitigation companies who claim  they extend their services all through out the US.Hiring an Attorney is the best, most beneficial route for homeowners to take these days. I want to help as many home owners as possible. I do not want you to become a statistic.Some of these loan mod companies claim  they consist of  licensed Attorneys andmost do not.

It is my job to know which  attorneys are established, trusted, and reputable. Most will work with owners that are at any stage in the foreclosure process, even pre foreclosure. During the negotiation period, the owners can stillrent/sell/live in their home. The process should take 8-12 weeks depending on your personal circumstances.


******Very Important: There will be a money back guarentee with the company we choose. The terms of this will fluctuate depending on the company. This will be explained to you during your free consultation.

  We all know that life is unpredictable, and that circumstances often arise that can prevent you from making your mortgage payments.

Even hard-working people can encounter unforeseen situations which may affect their ability to pay their mortgage in a timely manner. Many issues can be contributing factors such as temporary job loss, medical illness or injury, marital difficulties, unforeseen repairs or high utility rates, tenant problems, or even a death in the family. Just one of these situations can have a direct bearing on making home mortgage payments.

 I realize that the situation you are in is very stressful and emotional for you. I take my time to discuss your situation with you and provide you with one on one help, and steer you in the right direction. Please do not procrastinate, it is the worst thing you can do right now. Call me now and allow me help you. My main objective is to keep you in your home.


Can you Save My Home?

A loan modification is designed to help youbring your mortgage payments up-to-date, and to modify your existing mortgage terms to fit with in your current budget. Using creative and often unconventional methods, all well within the Code of Federal Regulation guidelines, we fight to freeze the foreclosure process, and keep you in your home.

My Goal is Solely to Assist Homeowners

As a professional who understands the mortgage industry from years of experience, I know how to help you. Put my expertise into action and you could become another one of our thousands of satisfied clients. If I am unable to help you, I may have other solutions that will.  Call to find out if you qualify for assistance today or visit www.keepyourproperty.info and fill out the pre-approval form. I look forward to assisting you and to helping you achieve your goals. Please call me TODAY for your free consultation!






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For our clients we agree to do the following:


To help stop harassing phone calls Our Licensed Attorneys support foreclosure prevention with examination and research results To Formulate a plan that fits within the home owners budget Work to have missed payments moved to the end of the mortgage To keep the Family in the home and avoid displacement To do everything possible to modify your existing mortgage(lower, fixed interest rates, possibility of reduced second and third mortgages, and reduced principle) An inherent benefit to our services include, an array of products to choose from to suit your individual needs



If you are facing foreclosure, you are not alone. I can help you, and I want to help you. Just pick up the phone and call my direct line at 301-275-5196.

You will be very pleased that you chose me, Callie Thompson as your personal one on one Case Manager.



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