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Dan Woodworth
Encouraging Communicator
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Get to Know Dan Woodworth

Dan Woodworth, an inspirational speaker, trainer and author is well known for his uplifting messages that have helped thousands of people.  He has taught others how to conquer chaos and transform tragedies into triumphs and problems into possibilities for more than three decades.

What is unique about Dan's work is that he teaches from his own personal experiences. With basic choices, attitude and pure determination, he overcame chronic respiratory infections and several near-death experiences to become not only a healthy and happy man, but also a reference point for those who want their best in life. Through love he has conquered fear and shame in his life.

The experiences of Dan as a fisheries research biologist, consultant, teacher, counselor, real estate property manager, ordained pastor and chaplain have given him an in-depth understanding of the human dynamics in dealing with hopelessness, lack of goals and passion in life. This diverse exposure has led him to see the other side of those who refused to be held back by their past.

Mr. Woodworth has a high trust level and is optimistic - important elements in helping people sharpen their mission and develop creative ways to increase their success. He enjoys thinking of creative and innovative ideas to solve or manage any type of problem.

A lifelong learner, Dan is currently enrolled as a doctoral candidate in Leadership and Creative Conflict Management. He is the author of Disappointments Transformed into Destiny, a book about adventure, mystery, encouragement and hope. Based on his own journey through life, Dan paints graphic word pictures of disappointments and how they are transformed into destiny.

Dan is a proud family man who has been married to the love of his life, his sweetheart, Irene, for 29 rich and rewarding years. They are both blessed with their son, Chris.

He has a website with his blogs, his book and his bio at


Real estate is a difficult field of work.  Dan specializes in helping you learn how to be flexible and live freely and lightly.

He has a unique ability to actively listen and help clarify conflict with creative options for the management of the conflict.

He specializes in helping people sharpen their mission and develop creative ways to increase their success. 

He believes that people need to be deeply loved, completely accepted and highly valued for who they are and not just what they can do.  He has a special ability to give and receive hope and encouragement.

He is an effective and innovative communicator.  His blog is thought provoking and challenging!  His published book contains graphic word pictures of hope, encouragement, adventure and mystery!  Check them out at


Dan is an encouraging communicator who is an inspirational speaker, trainer and author. He enjoys creative conflict management empowering others to conquer chaos and transform tragedy into triumph.