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A "Referral Agent" is a current or former licensed real estate agent that can help connect you to an agent in your local area, so that your individual needs can best be met.

In most cases, a fee is paid to the referral agent.  This fee is typically paid by the agent receiving the referral, and is often based on the fees that are paid at the close of the transaction.

There is usually no cost to the consumer to use a referral agent.


I am the proud father of wonderful twin sons, Charles "Chuckie" and Joseph "Joey". After being a full-time stay-at-home parent for the first three years of their lives, I ventured back into the world of grown-ups, with a new career as a Real Estate Agent.  After the down-turn in the market in 2008, I returned to being a full-time parent.

Prior to my time as a Real Estate Agent, I had been a Paralegal for an Estates and Trusts Attorney, as well as a Customer Service Supervisor for a major retailer.  I also served in the U.S. Army during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  I am proud to have served my country.

I grew up in an old colonial farmhouse, and am raising my sons in one now.  The phrase, "they don't build them like they used to" certainly applies to homes built in the 1700s and 1800s.  Living in an Historic Home is not for everyone, to be sure.  It takes a certain degree of appreciation for the home itself, and for the pieces of history the home has witnessed through the past century or two.  If you dream of living in an historic home like I did, I would be honored to help you find the right Realtor to help you reach your dreams.


Personal Service With A Difference You probably know how important it is to find the right real estate agent when you are focusing on a financial investment as substantial and as personal as your home. What you should know about me is that I believe wholeheartedly in the unique, personal nature of real estate.   I can carefully guide you as you chose the right agent to represent you along the way. I am fully committed to helping you find and agent with a noticeably higher level of service that will make your real estate experience as easy and as stress-free as possible. You can expect from me: Personal and knowledgeable service that is genuinely responsive to your needs A "Neighborhood Specialist's" familiarity with local communities A broad base of contacts within the real estate community, which I will use help you find the right representation. Feel free to contact me anytime, whether it's to get started on helping you realize your goals and dreams, or just to ask a question. I would welcome the opportunity to make a difference for you.  



I am a former REALTOR, having been licensed in Pennsylvania. I am no longer in practice, but I have a passion for historic homes, and projects that promote local community revitalization.