Shannon Foster-Boline, Shannon Foster-Boline (Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace)

124 N Winston Rd

Knoxville , TN 37919

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Residential Real Estate Broker in Knoxville, TN since 2009.

Get to know Shannon Foster-Boline

10.  I am not your Daddy’s Realtor!  No UT Football Fridge Magnets (though I am a Vols Fan), no permed hair, no flip phones and no polyester business suits.  I believe I can be professional without being stuffy.  A relationship where I share quality information, a little humor, and honest advice  is key!

9.  I have my finger on the pulse of Knoxville.  I have lived, worked, and played in South, East, West and North Knoxville.  I know the best events, I can tell you the best places to eat, hot shopping spots, where to get styled, what’s going on in the downtown scene, the history of different neighborhoods and more.  I don’t just know how to help you find a home, I help you find your community and the local businesses within it.

8.  I don’t hard sell but I will close the deal.  Let’s be honest, this isn’t a pair of jeans you are buying (or selling).  My job is to help negotiate the purchase or sale of a home forYOU!  There is no pushing you to do anything- your deal, your decision.  But when it comes time to close the deal, you’ll be glad I’m on your side and that I have years of practice in conflict resolution!

7.  I’m not here to hurt anyone’s feelings but I call it like I see it.  If the house smells like your great Aunts’ cat I am going to tell you.  If you are trying to price it above Market Value I am going to tell you that as well.  It is important you know from start to finish that I am going to be honest with you.  Blowing smoke gets us nowhere fast.

6.  Sometimes more is more.  I use traditional advertising, combined with my social media expertise (yep, I even teach other Real Estate Pros social media tactics), a powerful internet presence and my connections in the local community to get your property SEEN & SOLD and to help find YOU a new dream home.

5.  I have been called a “Rat on a Cheetoh”.  That’s southern for “relentless”.  Whether it is getting you property showing feedback, sending you a video of a home you are interested in, or getting something fixed from a home inspection report I will make sure it gets done (and yesterday).

4.  I have some southern charm and I am not afraid to use it.  

3.  Integrity plain and simple.  I don’t pull shenanigans to try and make a few extra bucks off your deal.  Not only is it unethical it is just not how I operate.  I work hard for the money and you will see that in my results.  I truly want you to get the best and I will take my time answering your questions or explaining the process.  I like to create relationships with clients that last; for me it is not just a one shot transaction.

2.  I will make this as easy as possible.  I am organized, proficient, quick and I use technology to my advantage.  For example, I use an electronic signature program that will let you do a deal from anywhere on the earth!  That comes in handy when you are on vacation and get an offer on your house, or say when you are relocating from Alaska.  I am the hub between you and your lender, the other agent, contractors, inspectors, the seller/buyer, and you don’t need to worry because I have it covered.

1.  I am an industry leader and I am always raising the bar.  Real Estate may not be as relaxing as Disneyland, but you should feel like the service you receive from me is just as amazing.

I promise, you will be glad I am on your side.




Knoxville Area Association of REALTORS Five Star Award


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