United Inspection (United Inspection Service)

PO Box 2628

Framingham , MA 01703

Massachusetts Home Inspection Services performed to the MA Home Inspector Standards of Practice. Additionally we use measurement instruments to exceed the Standards of Practice

Get to know United Inspection

United Home Inspection provides you with a MA Home Inspection Report within 24 hours of the home inspection.  An electronic document in PDF format provides you a clear and legible report.  Additionally some photographs are included to illustrate some of the observations during the home inspection.  You are encouraged to accompany us on the inspection, dress casual and comfortable.  Framingham MA home inspection is our specialty.


At United Home Inspection service we often exceed the Massachusetts Home Inspector Standards of Practice with the use of measurement instruments.  For example, rotted wood may be visually observed or when painted over some simple probing will reveal the problem.  When the wood is replaced, the wood will look good, probing the area will not reveal any rot.  Additional use of a moisture meter indicates if the moisture problem was fixed as well as the wood replaced.  See our web site for a MA Home Inspection Tour.