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First, I have to tell you, the transaction I'm going to describe is long over.  That's an important note to this transaction... it's not ongoing.I represented the buyer, and we had agreed on a purchase price, the contract had been ratified and "delivered".  All God's chilluns were happy.I receive...
Many of y'all are confused, when it comes to Channukah, and you don't know what to say, nor how to react to your Jewish friends and colleagues.  So, as a public service, I'm offering some of these potential questions/responses for goyim (here's your first lesson... "goyim" is a word we Jews use t...
I just couldn't wait to grow older, and not have to go to bed so early.  I was so certain that so many exciting things happened after I was sent to bed.. I could hear my parents laughing downstairs.  No fair.I couldn't wait to grow older, to get my driver's license.  C'mon, driving around in a li...
I'm starting to see new listings come on the market, with listing agents whose names I don't recognize.I've been doing this long enough, that I thought I knew all the players.  But more and more, lately, I see new names that aren't even familiar.  And they're not coming from out-of-area agencies,...
In Cook County, the county in which I practice real estate, "source of income" is considered a protected class.Asking if a prospective tenant is a Section 8 client would be asking about the source of income, and at least in Cook County, is therefore a question that a landlord (or Realtor) cannot ...
I've had conversations with agents who operate like those on television.  "If I've shown buyers three properties, and they haven't written a contract... I don't want to waste any more time on them.  They're not serious buyers... I dump 'em"I don't work that way.  I'm more than happy to allow buye...
A lot of companies use Muzak when they have you on hold.  Some kind of Music playing while you're waiting... I assume the idea is to keep you busy, engaged and calm while you're waiting for someone to pick up the line.I found it a little odd, this morning, when I called my car dealership, was put...
I had a call from a consumer several days ago.  She left me her contact information and asked me to call her.   I called her right away, left a message on her voicemail and didn't hear back for days.This morning, before I'd had my coffee, she returned the call and told me that she had found me on...
Yesterday, a colleague of mine asked what I choose to spend my expendable cash on.  It was a friendly conversation, not intrusive and I answered rather quickly.I no longer have a family at home... I'm divorced, my kids live on their own... my expenses are my own.  We were discussing local high-en...
9:00 a.m.  Meet at lifesource... have both arms stabbed to donate platelets.  Platelets are used to help burn victims and cancer patients.  Platelets out of right arm, and whole blood (sans platelets) fed back into left arm.  In addition to having both arms stabbed and sitting with arms perfectl...

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