clark county: Hot Seller's Market! Sell! Sell! Sell! - 02/19/16 05:26 AM

These numbers below are
Clark County WA
single family residences
Total Active Listings* Reported in Market Action:
Less Listings with Purchase Contingencies*:
Readily Purchased Listings:
Percent of Total Active Listings:
Less New Under Construction (not ready for occupancy):118
Less New Proposed (not started):
Total Readily Purchased & Occupied Listing:
Percent of Total Active Listings:
Inventory in Months of Readily Purchased & Occupied Listings:
Source: RMLS™ Regional Multiple Listing Service, Portland Oregon
Yes, your home value has most likely gone up so you will reap even more money if you sell in a hot market like February 2016.  
You might ask yourself..."but where will I go if my house sells in a week?"  … (0 comments)

clark county: March 2015 Home Prices Clark County WA - 04/13/15 04:09 PM
March 2015 Home Prices Clark County WA
Wow...Clark County WA only has approx. 1.7 months of homes for sale and immediately available for purchase. (See chart shown below.) 
In January 2015 we had approx. 2.7 months of home inventory. In Febuary 2015 there was approx. 2.5.....and now in March 2015 recent stats, RMLS reports that we only have approx. 1.5 months of single family residences/homes to be sold. The chart below tells you that this only counts homes that are READY to be moved into...short sales, new construction and under construction type homes do not count in this mixture.
What does this mean? … (0 comments)

clark county: Current Homes for Sale in Clark County w/Master on the Main - 01/29/15 02:43 AM
Some day in the future you might think you need a home with Master on the Main for convenience. Clark County WA has over 200 homes today to choose from to get Master on the main. (These links actively update every single day so they are still quality links no matter the date!)  Check out this map below to see where some of them are located today:

Clark County, WA is a great place to live! The Clark County City Calendar of Events is quite useful. You can see upcoming activities, park information, community events, Swimming pools, Tennis … (1 comments)

clark county: Did I Scare My Buyers Today? Clark County WA Homes for Sale - 11/18/14 12:46 AM
Did I Scare My Buyers Today? Clark County WA Homes for Sale
I met with a lovely couple who were here for only a day from out of town. We looked at five homes. Their home is pending in their town so they are searching here in Clark County WA right now. I really don't want to scare them off or discourage them. Here is an email I sent those buyers today, tell me if it sounds scary, pushy or helpful?:
"I'll look around for more new listed homes between $200K-$300K coming out on the RMLS. There are new … (0 comments)

clark county: So You Want to Buy a For Sale By Owner Home? (FSBO For Short) - 05/16/14 10:06 AM
So You Want to Buy A For Sale By Owner Home
So You Want To Buy A For Sale By Owner Home? (FSBO for short)
The seller will tell you: "Let's skip the Realtor and save both of us a little money, heh?" So He/She puts a sign in the yard. It can't be that hard.


You and the spouse will drive around and drive around Vancouver WA and Clark County and call lots of professional listing agents off of the signs trying to find the perfect home. You might even commit to a knowledgable real estate … (6 comments)

clark county: Selling Your Home? Here's How Homes Are Valued in Clark County, WA - 02/21/14 03:19 AM
Selling Your Home? Here's How Homes are Valued in Clark County, WA
You naturally would like to net the most amount of money possible for your home! In a perfect world,we'd all make a million dollars when we sell, right? Would you believe me when I tell you that a price is ultimately set between what a buyer will pay and what the seller can or will let the home be sold at on the market? (Good negotiation from your realtor can and will net you the most. It is a proven statistic that you'll usually net 30% more using a … (0 comments)

clark county: Serious Horse Owners Love Ridgefield, WA! - 02/06/14 08:17 AM
Serious Horse Owners Love Ridgefield, WA!

What kind of horse family are you? Do you have a pony in the back yard? Do you have a family horse or two and like to ride around trails and paths? Do you like to barrel race or are you seriously into Dressage?? The community of Ridgefield, WA is seriously into horses. (Wineries too but that's another story for another day.)
When you travel amongst the byways of Ridgefield, WA you will see stretches of pasures, barns and some awesome arenas. The barn homes and horse farms there and around Clark County, WA are … (1 comments)

clark county: Portland Meadows Race Track--Must Love Horses & a Bit of Gambling Too! - 02/06/14 07:39 AM
Portland Meadows Race Track--
Must Love Horses & A Bit of Gambling Too!

Love Horses? Love the spirit of betting on them? It's a GAMBLE my Dad loved all of his life. He gambled on a lot of things but horses were his true love. Our life was full of race horses, jockeys, trainers and the morning newspaper with the day's upcoming race forecast. My Dad owned 26 Thoroughbred race horses and had a huge farm in Meridian, MS where we trained them. I got to spend some of my summer with my Dad at the race track stables. … (0 comments)

clark county: Sellers...Six Tips to Save Your Hard Earned Money! - 02/02/14 10:45 AM

Data provided by ActiveRain is an online community of real estate professionals who exchange best practices, write real estate blogs, and get free education from the industry and their peers.
Sellers, Six Tips to Save Your Hard Earned Money! Are you leaving money at the closing table that the buyers took away from you? It's pretty easy to do if you miss these easy tips.

Surveys have been done in several test cases of 1000 realtors nationwide. Here are the results: OVERPRICED HOMES: 77% out of 1000 realtors said "overpriced homes" are the number one reason … (2 comments)

clark county: Sellers....I Hate to Hurt Your Feelings, DeClutter Your House! - 01/10/14 04:27 AM
If you are planning on selling your home this're gonna have to DECLUTTER first. As I walk through your home and see it with "BUYER'S EYES" it is discouraging. I see all your beloved collections of dishes, dvds, books, collectable china, sports pictures, hunting items, old rugs and towels. You've probably heard this before but "Buyer's want to imagine themselves in your house, not your memories...theirs!" Think of it this way:Your house is now a "PRODUCT" for sale. It is now just a house. It is not your treasure box. Your memories will travel with you to the new place. … (3 comments)

clark county: How to Choose a Clark County Neighborhood to Join and Live There? - 12/25/13 03:02 PM
How DO you choose a Clark County WA neighborhood to eventually join and live there? Do you just drive around and write down the names of the subdivisions? Do you ask your friends? Do you check crime stats or school scores before moving? What if you live far away?
When I have a conversation with a interested person considering Clark County, WA...Here are the ways I help them "SEE" Clark County neighborhoods.
Besides their personal info such as what kind of home do you need? Fenced? Ranch Home...all of those questions...I also ask them...

Do you need to live … (2 comments)

clark county: Pick Your Own Fruits and Vegetables Clark County WA - 12/08/13 06:53 AM
Pick Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

Pick Your Own Fruits and Vegetables Clark County WA
Our family loves our Clark County WA area..there's so much to do here! We also love to take a family outing to farms and vegetable stands. It is just an awesome feeling to go inside the vegetable stand or the growing field and smell the fresh aroma of God's great earth and its produce. There's nothing like vegetable plants that are currently GROWING. You can touch the leaves and smell their flavor!



Here is an exerpt from their … (1 comments)

clark county: Holiday Bazaars and Tree Map from the Columbian Newspaper 2013 - 11/06/13 07:49 AM
"Holiday Bazaars and Trees Map" - The Columbian Newspaper
It's that sparkly, fun, shopping time of year again! This is your chance to find the best deals, the best gifts, the best thank-you-for-the-gift hugs! Just check out the Clark County Holiday Bazaars and Christmas Tree farms! Our family likes to go to the different bazaars. It's just a sensory delight. The gifts, crafts, decorations and cinnamon-y, Christmas-y smells bring back great memories of times years past! Also, going to the bazaars can make new traditions for you and your family!


I am pasting in the … (0 comments)

clark county: Kayaking the LaCamas Lake in Camas WA - 09/19/13 11:28 AM
 Kayaking the LaCamas Lake in Camas WA  I'll admit, I'm a novice kayaker. We've been on kayak trips in Hawaii and Florida with guides but today we took out our new red Tamarack 120 "sit-on-top" type kayaks. I stressed all this week before this water-bound trip. I was worried that I would fall in the water just getting onto my boat. I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with my husband that I have nicknamed "Sparky." I was afraid...

Yes, on the way out to the middle of the LaCamas lake...I was paddling and … (2 comments)

clark county: Horse and Barn Properties for Sale in Clark County WA - 09/12/13 10:09 AM

Horse and Barn Properties Clark County WA
Horses were and still are very important to me. I know a lot about them, the barn life, the types of acreage needed  and their care. Clark County has many horse and barn properties to offer that will fit your needs. 
I grew up in Mississippi and spent hours every week working at my dad's race horse farm. I had my first pony at age 5. His name was Champ and was colored like the pinto horse on the left in the picture. He taught me a lot. I … (0 comments)

clark county: FREE (& Discounted) Family Fun Clark County WA & Portland OR - 07/08/13 03:16 PM
(Me at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. This is the "Experiment Lab" that my grandkids LOVE to go into and try out all kinds of experiments. Not the best look for me but fun!)     FREE (& Discounted) Summer Fun for Families! Hooraay! It's summer in the Pacific Northwest. Admittedly....we have a lot of rain here in the NW corner of the United States map. But it's July and the sun is shining and it seems winter will never come again!
There are lots of fun stuff to do in Clark County, Washington and … (0 comments)

clark county: Clark County WA Waterfront Homes for Sale, It's a Lifestyle - 06/26/13 08:42 AM

This link updates every day so you can see the newest, hottest waterfront listings available today!

Supply is limited...No..Really....They don't make more waterfront!
It's a Rare Treat!   It's a Paradise LIFESTYLE!!!

clark county: Ranch and Dayranch Homes for Sale in Clark County, WA - 05/05/13 03:11 AM
Ranch homes and dayranch homes are a popular choice. The single level ranch home makes it easy to stairs to climb to drag the vaccuum cleaner up, laundry down the's all on the same level.
Dayranches are popular because a buyer could have their family or guests live downstairs or perhaps a caregiver if the city codes allow that sort of thing. Here in Clark County most of the dayranches are older homes. Many of these have been updated and remodeled because dayranch styles are extremely popular.
            CLICK HERE TO SEE 4 … (1 comments)

clark county: Lowest Clark County Home Inventory in Twelve Years! - 04/01/13 02:32 AM
Lowest Clark County Home Inventory in Twelve Years!

SHOW READY, GOOD CONDITION AND PRICED RIGHT....If your home is "show ready" and in "good condition with no deferred maintenance problems" and priced for market value video...YOU MAY GET MULTIPLE OFFERS OR EVEN ABOVE LISTING PRICE.  It would be like the most popular girl having several guys ask her to prom. You have to be the sweetest home to get the attention, right?

At Realty Pro's Tuesday realtor meeting...we were honored to hear Noah Blanton from … (0 comments)

clark county: Market Statistics Home Prices in Camas, WA for March 2013 - 03/29/13 06:05 AM
Market Statistics Home Prices in Camas, WA for March 2013

Real estate market data for Camas, WA provided by Jill Watts of Realty Pro.

Camas Home Prices  
It's amazing and very interesting to watch the Market Statistics Home Prices in Camas, WA for March 2013 Camas is a very popular home purchase area.  If you are considering buying a home you can still find smokin' deals on a house in Camas but having a good real estate agent who understands the market is a must.  Don’t wait to search too long, some of our listings are starting to sell … (0 comments)

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