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Free Credit FICO Score Law Passed By The Senate! People who are denied credit or a job because of their credit report history may soon be able to get their credit report FICO score free of charge, thanks to an amendment passed by the Senate Monday evening! The measure, was a part of the massive W...
Top Ten (10) cities for young adults in the USA! According to Kiplinger Magazine, here are 10 cities in the U.S. that offer exceptional opportunities for young adults who're starting out in a new life! Here's the list: Number 1 Austin, Texas Number 2 Charlotte, NC Number 3 Chicago, IL Number 4 Ho...
Wow I finally reached the century mark (100,000)! I have been work hard on my active Rain account for about Five months more or less! It finally pays off I have reached the century mark (100,000)!   There's one beautiful lady I owned her all the credits for reaching the milestone, who should be n...
have you change Your Utilities Just Yet?   If you're in the process of purchasing any property in the Denver Metro Area, here some information's you need to know and you must contact to start your own service!   Cable Companies:   Comcast       (800)-266-2278 Dish Network (800)-333-3474 Direct TV...
What's Your Number? I ‘m not referring to your telephone numbers; I'm referring to your FICO credit scores! Your FICO credit scores it's a numerical calculation or summary of your credit history! It's very important to know your FICO credit scores! Since it's combinations of numerical, creditors,...
If applying for credit here's what the lender are looking for? When a borrowers/consumers applies for credit, the lenders/creditors wants to know whether the borrowers/consumers has the ability and willingness to repay their debts! The lenders/creditors will considers the three C's in making thei...
 Shares your favorite quotes!   Your favorite quote can be  inspirational or otherwise!   Here is some of my favorite quotes:   We are the sum of our actions, therefore our habits make all the difference.~ Aristotle   People may not remember exactly what you did or said, but they will always reme...
The Best Used Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)! To help us narrow the field, here's a list of Consumer Reports recommended used SUVs. These vehicles have performed well in our road tests, have average or better reliability, and have performed adequately if included in crash tests complied  by private ...
Top Seven (7) Job to Skip College For! According to expert here's the list of the Seven (7) Job does not require high level of education: 1. Freelance Photographer: $47,800 median salary! 2. Private Detective or Investigator: $50,600 median salary! 3. Elevator Mechanic: $61,500 median salary! 4. ...
Questions you should be asking your mortgage lender before getting a loan?   First question to ask your mortgage lender is what type of loan I am getting from your mortgage company; Conventional, FHA, VA Etc.   What will the monthly payment be?  Is that payment per month, every month for the live...

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