reos: An apparition? Wow! Spooky quarters here. - 03/30/13 08:13 AM

Checking out houses at the end of no-where can be pretty spooky.  No power, no neighbor, nothing but the real estate agent and whatever remains in the house.
While checking my photos, I quickly came up to one that showed a spook or a person in this area.  The next photo showed it empty but there is some sort of round thing at the end of the space that had perhaps sucked him/it out?
By quickly going from one to the other, I really felt the power!  What do you think?  What happened here?

reos: Morris School for boys. Closed now but once very active on Morris School Road in Searcy AR. - 11/07/12 08:32 AM
I don't believe we have talked about Morris School for boys.  It was a Catholic school for boys who were boarded there.  It was located on Morris School Road and had nice buildings and lots of land.  It was probably about 6 miles from town.
The thing that I remember the most about it was the presence of the boys on Saturday afternoon in downtown Searcy.  They were almost like an original "gang."  My kids would see the boys and immediately recognize them as being from the school.  Young girls, my daughter included, looked them over very carefully and may have … (106 comments)

reos: I have not seen one of these before! Wooden bathtub. - 10/17/12 04:33 AM
In all my real estate career, over 31 years, I have never seen a beauty like this.
I have seen claw footed tubs.
I have seen different colors of tubs.
I even saw a urinal in the master bath once.
But this is the first wooden tub that I have ever seen.
Look and admire.

It was in a house with a view.  Sit in that tub and see the whole countryside!

reos: The Star car. Was this a brand? Just a dealership? Star Cars Moye-Davis Motor Co. Searcy AR - 10/08/12 07:36 AM
This full page ad came from an old cook book that is so worn I can find no date.
Women's Missionary Society Cook Book is at the tops of pages.
Moye-Davis Motor Company was at Searcy AR with Phone 296.
I love the way the description reads,  "ability to climb hills in high gear that most cars crawl up in second......enables it to pull through mud and sand that stall most cars."
But to tell the truth, I've never heard of a Star Car.

This book may even predate some of the Sleuths!

reos: Truman Baker Chevrolet Co Searcy AR old post card. Phone # 650. - 10/06/12 04:20 AM
It does not seem to have been so long ago that we viewed this site each time we drove on E Race Street in Searcy AR.  But it is gone now.  Now it is the site of a big Walgreen's Drug Store.  Those of you who grew up in Searcy will have lots of memories of this old Armory building.  I think that is what you called it.  You'll need to verify.
This card is for sale right now on ebay.  If you want to add it to your inventory, go check it out.


reos: Where was this house? Sleuths, do you remember it? Searcy AR rock house. - 09/25/12 03:32 AM

I ran across this old rock house that once lived on a busy street in Searcy and we had it for sale.  One thing about those old listings that were put out by my former company was that they never gave the entire information about a house or property.
The ad was supposed to get the phone to ring.
At that time, no one could go online to find out the "rest of the story."
Now we are prone to just put the entire info in the ad because there are no secrets anymore.
So, Sleuths, test your memory … (10 comments)

reos: An old antique flue cover. Discovered in foreclosure property. Collectible? - 09/15/12 06:37 AM
The colors were so vivid!
It was like a splash of loveliness in a once fashionable house in the country.
If you buy the house, it will come with it but I took a quick picture. Note the reflection because the color and shine were still present.

It is, of course, a flue cover.  The folks with me told me that it was quite common to have a very colorful flue cover to cover that ugly hole that was left when the stove might be removed for the summer months.  He said some were quite large and there was a … (14 comments)

reos: Surprise!! Great old card picture from Bald Knob AR that I had never seen! 300 Block Center St. historic homes. - 08/05/12 01:40 AM
We have made a great new friend in James Whitlow, who does not even live in our area but collects cards from lots of areas and shares with us!
Here's the latest.  He sent me this one from Bald Knob AR.  Probably Bald Knob had not named streets then but I recognized the tall two story house as one that has just sold and is now up for resale. It's number is 301 Center Street and the court house says it was built in 1917.
I love the picket fences and the wood sidewalks.  At first I thought I'd have … (22 comments)

reos: When Kroger was in downtown Searcy AR...on Spring Street. - 05/09/12 03:56 AM

While touring Pioneer Village in Searcy AR I saw this picture hanging in the old depot building.  I remembered that no one seemed to be able to remember when the Krogers store was in downtown Searcy on Spring Street.  The picture says it was on Spring Street and it names the people in the picture.  Here's a bigger view of the tag.
Left to right, Marshall Watson, employee, Jesse Byrd, manager, Tommy Byrd, employee and Ed Coward, customer.  Ed looks as if he is floating in air but it is the reflections from the surroundings that give that appearance.  It's … (18 comments)

reos: More car lots in Searcy AR in the mid 60's. Two with Capps name? - 03/22/12 12:22 PM
Continuing with our study of old car lots I came up with four more.  Three more?  As usual there is a mystery that Searcy Sleuths may need to solve.  Let's start with this one.  Wayne Knox Motors.  And note the historic home that we have blogged about in the background.  And it also had one of those little buildings for an office.  We blogged about those too.

Here's another one.  This is from Carder Buick-Rambler (that was the name on the ad in the 1965 yearbook) and there are no people or names showing.  Well, I do see some individual … (6 comments)

reos: Great photo of Searcy AR folks. - 12/20/11 05:17 AM
Borrowed photograph from a facebook friend with permission.
I just love this photo.
I can tell you who they are and will but I think it would be fun to see if any Sleuths know who they are.
The old car is great.  The happy smiles of the boy and girl are great. And look at the thick wavy hair on the guy.  She has on a fashionable cowl-necked dress with a sashed waistline and looks all dressed up.
I can't quite make out the thing in the background, can you?  Is it the rest of the car???


reos: Those Hoggards....they really rock! Top producers in Searcy Arkansas - 12/16/11 02:08 AM
The Hoggard Team in Searcy Arkansas does so much business!
They are the top team producers in our area.
And they are nice!
You could say they "ROCK."
Just observe.

That's Phil on the left, Joel in the center and Judy on the right.  They are at our weekly sales meeting and rush to grab the seats beside the wall.  At first I thought the rockin' was just a Phil thing.  Then I saw Joel doing it.  And then......Judy joined.
I'm jealous.  If I did that the chair would slip and I'd be floor bound and the REALTORS would ROTFL.

reos: My 3 cents worth.....a whine. - 12/10/11 08:19 AM

I received a check for 3 cents from an ebay settlement!
The are pretty demanding, however, and say that I have to cash it before 12/22/2011 or it will be no good. 
It's Christmas time, for Pete's sake, and I'm a busy person. 
I may not get to the bank by then and I'll bet no one will accept this check with a store purchase.
What if I buy a 10 cent coke and try to pay with this check and a few pennies. (Oh, I forgot!  There are no 10 cent cokes anymore.)
I guess I got paid pretty … (17 comments)

reos: Are you missing me yet? Old Kelso Purina Building has been updated...Oops! Replaced in Searcy Arkansas. - 11/15/11 12:21 PM
One can take a nap while waiting for the traffic light at the corner of South Main and Beebe Capps Expressway.  Adding a McDonald's and a Burger King has made this one of the most congested corners in Searcy AR.
Instead of a nap today I took a picture of our new building that now occupies the corner on the NW side.  It looks like this today.  It is very attractive and is the home of Kernodle and Katon Asset Management Company.

Just a few blogs (look closely because I said BLOGs not blocks) away, we had the old Kelso … (11 comments)

reos: Help identify this druggist. Jack V Shaw, Searcy DrugMaster Pharmacy? - 11/08/11 12:22 AM
The White County Historical Society held its Pioneer Village open on Sunday November 6, 2011 from 1:00 p.m to 4:00 p.m.  I visited the open house and enjoyed seeing the old way of living and rejoiced that we have a lot more comfortable life today.
In the old West Point Post Office I met Marilyn Sims and she held up a bottle and said none of the members could remember this particular old Searcy name.  The bottle was inscribed by Jack V Shaw, Ph.G, from the Searcy DrugMaster Pharmacy.

I bragged about the Searcy Sleuths and how they can solve any … (9 comments)

reos: I'm a survivor too. How come that mansion gets all the attention in Judsonia Arkansas. - 10/31/11 08:38 AM
If houses could talk, that might be what this house would say.  It is located right across the street from the Judsonia Arkansas mansion that survived the 1952 tornado.  We have featured the mansion several times in blogs with the latest perhaps being this one.  First, let's review the after-the-tornado photograph.

Now look to the right and see the house that has lost a porch but still has the porch rails.  And then check out this house that we had listed for sale probably way back in the 80's.

The porch rails still look lovely.  The porch has been reattached … (13 comments)

reos: 128 year old house for sale in Searcy Arkansas. It's a beauty. - 10/12/11 02:08 PM
This picture showed up in our Multiple Listing Service.  It grabs your attention, doesn't it?

The information given indicates that it was built in 1883!  The house also overlooks the river in a small town near Searcy.  Sleuths love puzzles so I will not tell where it is right now.  Here's another photo.  Price is $97,500 if you want me to sell it to you.

We toured it and as we were leaving we noticed the top of the roof.  So, Sleuths, you tell me what these things on this roof are for.  Decoration?  Lightning rods?  I'm puzzled.


reos: The bigger the tree the older the house # 2. - 10/10/11 05:20 AM
The blog that I wrote earlier about the houses being older as the trees gets bigger proved to be true again.   I thought I was brilliant when I figured out that as the trees grow, the houses around the trees become older.  Look at our subdivisions.  When they started out, most were treeless, but when the subdivisions age, trees tend to take over.
So look what brought me to a screeching halt as I drove to work. 

The detail of the house which was once beautiful can now be seen if you can peep over the gigantic tree that has been downed.  … (16 comments)

reos: Found! At last! My little vine-covered cottage that I romantically dreamed of. - 09/30/11 02:03 PM
Oops!  My little vine-covered cottage of which I have dreamed.  Never end a sentence with a preposition.  Oops!  Was that a sentence fragment?  What I meant to say is this.
We have always heard of vine-covered cottages where love lives on and on.  Now that I'm in real estate, I have learned that vines growing on houses is bad for the house.  One needs to go outside and jerk those crawling, clinging suckers down as soon as they touch the house.
So when I saw this one today I knew I needed to take a picture.  It is a perfect example … (34 comments)

reos: Somebody owes me 20 cents. Either the US Post Office or Yarnell's Ice Cream. - 09/23/11 09:18 AM
Hubby got a notice in our mailbox that said he had a letter that had to be picked up at the postal service center on Race Street in Searcy.
20 cents postage was due.
Who would send us a letter lacking 20 cents postage?  Who?  Who?  Who?  Could it be important?
Well, Hubby directed me to pick it up during my day while he was busy on the golf course.
That service center looks like an arsenal with nothing but a peep hole for the workers to see out and you have to ring a bell for service and they want identification.  Geesh....
But … (8 comments)

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