return on investment: The Things Tenants Do ! Real Life Investor Experiences #102 - 10/29/12 12:46 AM
Congratulations ! You have just closed on another investment. Only a small % of the population (roughly 15%) have made the step from being a mere consumer of Real Estate to being an Investor and purchasing a home or property that they do not intend to use for themselves. 
Now that the ink is dry on the closing documents lets take the paper off the package and see what you have purchased. 
A mid 60's 4 plex of 2 bedroom units (commonly referred to as "McKuen" the original architect of this Investors ATM of a building). It's design offers each unit … (2 comments)

return on investment: The Things Tenants Do ! Real Life Investor Experiences - 10/27/12 01:39 AM
They say that a book allows you to gain the lessons from a lifetime of experiences for only the cost of that book. Generally one lesson learned pays for the cost of the book many times over. I am often asked to speak on Investing and for my advice regarding Rentals and potential investments. I am consulted not for my personal riches but rather for the knowledge and experience I have gained from managing the investments of many clients over the past few years. With the help of our amazing staff we manage hundreds of homes for both small and large … (1 comments)

return on investment: ROI how much is too much ? - 09/09/11 03:16 AM
Return on Investment = the net profit / the total investment over some period of time and is expressed as a %.          
That much is easy to agree on , what is much harder to find consensus on is what that % should be? Is 2.5%, 5 % or 10% enough of a return? Should you be expecting 25% or even 50% returns? Can you realistically expect to double, triple or do even better on your investment?
The crazy thing is that the answer to each of the above questions is yes dependent on your time frame and … (4 comments)

return on investment: What do You want ? - 09/08/11 03:19 AM
These words can be the start or the beginning of the end of a great relationship. Lets choose to start rather then to end.
Although, this question can come across as rude, (I prefer "direct). It is the start of every successful venture, including each Client/Customer/Employee based relationship that we have. We often focus so much on making new relationships at any cost, simply filling a quota or goal,that we do not stop and drill down to an actual answer to this question. 
After a decade of working with Investors possessingvarying amounts of resources, widely divergent goals, across several market cycles … (0 comments)

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