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You Win Some and You Lose Some That's probably about the most positive statement I can muster right now.  I was supposed to have two settlements today.  It seemed early in the day that both would work out.  By 2pm, all hope of that was dwindling. As tensions grew in the first seller transaction, ...
Contracts are Commitments So Failure to Comply Can Have Serious Consequences When a Northern Virginia buyer or seller enters into a contract to purchase or sell property, they are advised to make their intentions known in writing. The contract and all the terms therein become the road map for a r...
Does Living Next to the Pool Negatively Affect Your Braemar Townhouse Property Value? This was a question I was recently asked by a townhouse owner in Bristow, VA’s community of Braemar.   If you are unfamiliar with Braemar, there is one section of townhouses that surrounds the Braemar pool on R...
What a Great Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is not my favorite time of year.  In fact, I tend to dread the day.  Family functions usually feel forced and unnatural.  I've always felt that way.  This year changed that. I decided to make this year a Happy Thanksgiving.  I invited my favorite relatives ...
Buying a Home is Not Like a Game of Chess When you are under contract to buy a home, especially a Northern Virginia Short Sale, it can feel as though the Buyers and Sellers are taking turns getting their ends of the deal wrapped up.  Typically, Sellers start by moving forward to get Short Sale Ap...
A Northern Virginia Short Sale Seller Makes a Very Distasteful Offer Just when you think you've heard everything in the world of Northern Virginia Short Sales, there appears a new wrinkle.  A suggestion that makes you want to reach out and smack a Short Sale Seller with cold hard reality.  When y...
If a Buyer Can't Get Their Loan Approved After Two Contract Extensions, They Shouldn't Be Under Contract Way back when dinosaurs walked the earth (or at least that's how it feels, really it was just early August) I got one of my Gainesville Short Sales under contract.  I knew it would be a tricky...
Gainesville, VA Toys for Tots Drop Off for the 2011 Christmas Season When you are out shopping after Thanksgiving this year, keep Toys for Tots in mind.  Long & Foster REALTORS® in Gainesville, VA is collecting new, unwrapped toys now through the end of the day December 13th.  If everyone in our ...
Are Banks Willing to Sell Homes For Less Than the Mortgage Balance? Depending on the situation that faces a Seller who needs to sell for less than what they owe in their mortgage, the bank may decide to approve the sale and accept a short payoff of the mortgage.  This type of sale is known as a S...
Looking for a Rental in Bristow, VA? If you are looking for a rental in Bristow, VA you are not alone.  Be it a single family home or a townhouse, the Bristow rental market seems to have very little inventory compared to the number of tenants looking to rent.  It certainly helps to have a REALTOR...

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