utah home buying: Personal Advice Needed? Take a Number (Kindness of Strangers Edition) - 05/02/18 02:02 PM
Thank Goodness For The Impartial Third Party.
Sometimes people don't want to ask personal questions of friends and family. There's too much invested... and so much history. Sure, family and close friends should be good at keeping a secret. But they can also be the worst.
Let's look at the potential downside: Family and friends can have their own agenda. Their advice can be self-serving and can sound like a lecture. And we may have to deal with them flipping our questions back on themselves- turning our question into their unrelated diversion. So, what does one do?
Sometimes we ask a stranger.
What does a stranger care? … (14 comments)

utah home buying: Current Market Conditions - Alpine, Utah - Mar 2018 - 03/08/18 03:37 PM
The number of listings available in Alpine, Utah continues to fall.
Since November, the quantity has been on a steady decline while settling in March to the same quantity as last month:
Listings Available in Alpine:
Oct 18: 42
Nov 16: 35
Dec 14: 33
Jan 11: 28
Feb 8: 27
Mar 3: 27
Days on market is currently at 90 days, which is less than the 120 days on market we saw a few months ago. Prices are holding pretty steady as well. Further information below:
Average home price had increased to $900k (from $848k) but has dipped slightly in March to $898k.
No new homes have entered the market in … (2 comments)

utah home buying: Hey, Are Prices Going Down Yet? - 09/01/17 08:47 AM
Everyone wants a deal.
When purchasing something we tend to be rational economic decision makers.
When we sell, we want the most we can receive.
When we buy, we want more for less.
It has always been like this and we live in a time that rewards this way of thinking.
So, naturally, those who want to list want to make sure they do so at the right time to maximize their gain.
And buyers want bargains.
Utah home prices have been going up, up and away.
Buyers are asking me if the prices are going to fall... and if so, when.
I have no crystal ball, but there are … (3 comments)

utah home buying: What's Silicon Slopes? - 05/13/15 11:36 PM
There is a place in America that received nearly $1 billion in investor funding last year.
It's home to more than 4,300 technology companies.
it's within hours of 14 world class ski resorts, five national parks and seven national monuments.
This is Utah's tech mecca- where nearly one in ten people work in the industry.
Are you looking for a job here? There are plenty (unemployment is among the lowest in the nation and average wage in this sector among the highest).
Are you looking for a poster? Get yours here. SiliconSlopesPoster
Looking for a house? This isn't New York ($1,368/sq ft), or San Francisco ($771/sq ft) or … (13 comments)

utah home buying: Acting Like the Principal - 05/08/15 07:00 AM
We are agents.
We act on behalf of our clients to promote their interests.
If we were the principal, without agents, we could act for ourselves.
When we are agents for the principal we hope to protect our client as well as broker the best deal.
In the end, the principal decides.
Sometimes agents act like the principal.
Jane is a buyer's agent.
Jane is advised to offer $20k below list price.
Jane gives an assessment that may include all sorts of advice and strategy.
Jane's client hears Jane's advice and says, "I still feel good about the $20k below offer."
Jane sends in the offer to agent Jill.
Jill calls Jane … (13 comments)

utah home buying: Largest Homes in America are in Provo/Orem Utah - 04/27/15 08:00 AM
Everything is big in Utah (sorry Texas).
It has been a while since I found this out and I, for some reason, didn't want to brag.
But what the heck, I'll go ahead and let you know what USA Today blabbed about back in December.
In conjunction with Realtor.com and the census bureau, researchers wanted to get a pulse on statistics such as home size, unemployment, and cost per square foot of homes across America.
Turns out the Provo/Orem area of Utah has the largest homes. The average home in the area is just 20 sq ft shy of 2,000.
That's pretty amazing when one considers … (2 comments)

utah home buying: Sold in One Day - 04/03/15 03:39 PM
Seller's market alert.

I listed this property on Wednesday night.
In the morning the phone started to light up.
We scheduled showings into the early evening.
The seller received an offer on Thursday afternoon that proved to be worth accepting.
Yes. It's super rare, but sometimes homes sell on the first day.
As much as I like seeing homes sell quickly, I realize that there are buyers who would have wanted a chance at this one.
Currently inventory is relatively low in many parts of Utah.
If you've been thinking of selling, it might be a good time to see what your home … (8 comments)

utah home buying: Utah- Here We Are - 03/16/15 10:54 PM
Hello Utah:
I know your state; I've lived here before.
And I have visited quite often. Yes, to have fun in the snow or to have fun in the sun.
Sure, you're a great place to visit; you're also a great place to live.
I went to school here and so have (and so do) several of my kids.
So, I'm back and ready to help you sell your home or to buy a new one.
Check out my website: www.utahhomes.me
Also, if you prefer, ask me about my mobile app.
Looking for someone to help you with the ins and outs of … (7 comments)

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