Day (232,233,234,235) Fear not! Webster says: Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by a perceived threat. One of the key words in the definition is "PERCEIVED."  (Meaning nothing has yet to occur.) How can you fear something that has yet to happen? The mind is a tricky beast. There is no such co...
Day (228,229,230,231)Preparation. You must have it! The moment you lack preparedness, the client will sniff you out. A Real Estate agent is suppose to be looked upon as a professional. A professional earns great money, but only when the professional is prepared for business. We have valued our bu...
Day (225,226,227)Every property is different. Every client is very different. The funny thing is that every deal brings  a new voice of reason for the future. Last week we had situations arise for a particular property. The home is quite the deal. It has an income producing property on the premis...
Day (215,216,217,218)The day of inspection(s). They can be somewhat of a nail biter, because every house is not created equal. Inspectors stay in business because of the lack of maintenance that most homeowners fail to comply with.  The home is an investment to which you must respect and maintain...
Day (213,214)It is that time of year again. The malls are packed, the streets are jammed, the people are slightly on the edge all while the sounds of dancing sugar plums fill the air. It just would not be the holiday season without this combination. The Change from one year to the next is always ...
Day (210,211,212)The power of Negotiation!!!! It really works. As long as you have people involved in a deal that are for the overall benefit of the clients. Today started out on a sour note. We had a clients closing costs soaring into big figures to which our client just was not able to fork out...
Day (207,208,209) As we head to the holiday parties this year and spend time with the people we do business with and the friends and family we party with, Remember the reason we celebrate the season. We are all here chasing a goal, and some others are not always as fortunate to chase the same goa...
Day (202,203,204,205,206)The Housing Market forecast has predicted that the average home price of homes in California will rise by 2.0% in 2011. With that being said, the mortgage rates will increase also, not by much. However every bit adds up when it comes to financing over a 30 year period. Th...
Day (200,201)What are you trying to get out of your life?No one has the rule book on how to live life. Some claim they do, but if one man could really tell you exactly how to live 6 billion lives. WOW!  Entertain yourself, get to know yourself. And if you cannot spend ten minutes alone with yours...
(197,198,199)People do business with people they like. "Business 101"Building relationships is where you begin to  become successful. Get to know people in their comfort level and how they operate. We have really been involved in making contacts everywhere. We make really good friends, and yet we...

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