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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
This one has always given me trouble. My Mom and Grandmother were generally big on using good grammar, but for whatever reason, nobody in my family ever used the word “whom.”My only point of reference has always been the phrase “For whom the bell tolls.” That says that “whom” is an object word, s...
While reading an agent website I came across the word “discrete.” It looked wrong, so of course I looked it up.What I found was that the agent probably intended to write “discreet.” But then, I thought even that was not the word that fit the sentence. I think that since the agent was talking abou...
Whew! This was a long, long weekend, and I'm very glad that Monday has arrived. Of course, there may still be some absent people. It is, after all "Cyber-Monday." I know it is because so far I've had at least 30 emails reminding me to shop! shop! shop!At the beginning of last week I had questions...
First, we live in our own single-family home on acreage, with the nearest neighbor ¼ mile away. While I can see one roof, I never look out my window into someone else’s home. Land to the north and south of us is State Forest. To the east and west it’s neighbor’s trees and meadows.We have no restr...
Today it seems that everyone is tuned in to GPS – trusting it to take them where they’re going. It probably works 90% of the time. Perhaps even more.But when it doesn’t – it can take you on a wild goose chase!My suggestion: Check the map before you go, so you’ll have a clue if GPS begins to lead ...
When you sit down to write about yourself – whether for a bio / profile or for an ad or other marketing piece, do try to remember who you are.Today’s message comes to you thanks to our "sort of local" give-away advertising newspaper. In it I found an ad that read:“#1 Female real estate agent in s...
I’m so grateful for the customers and clients who allow me to stay right here in my warm house, doing what I love doing while still earning a living.The customers – all those who purchase and use the prospecting letters I write. I’m especially grateful for those who write to tell me of their succ...
In case you think you’ve heard this before, yes you have. This topic comes back every few months. I was recently reminded that it’s time to mention it again.While there are many nouns now used as verbs, and verbs used as nouns, advice and advise are not among them.These two words each stand alone...
For starters, I’m grateful that my wonderful children love me – and love their Dad. I’m also grateful that I don’t take that for granted – I realize how fortunate we are.I look around and see so many fractured families – children who want nothing to do with their parents, and parents who have dis...
This sounds so simple – this morning I was thinking about all of the things we take for granted in our lives.So – I took time while in the shower to have gratitude and give thanks to all of the people who made that shower possible.Since my water heater is electric, I’ll start with Benjamin Frankl...

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