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Confession of a dummy. I'm going to my first Trump Expo as an exhibitor, October 13 in Calgary. I know, I should have checked it out first as a guest, but I don't have a lot of free time to fly up to the States or Canada from Costa Rica. We're representing my development, The Oaks Tamarindo condo...
The only edit was when, with help, I figured out how to link the video. Thanks! So if you have read this, stop here.Here is some new wording for my web site,, concerning environmental concerns. It was easy to write, since I've already lived it. If you have additio...
If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, one way to do it is to move to Costa Rica! I was cleaning out my gmail (no more storage!) and found this article by Peter Freeman on renewable energy from the April 18 issue of The Guanacaste Journal. I have included excerpts below. The article appears...
Before I came to Costa Rica, I thought I knew what a square foot was, or for that matter, a square meter. There was an accepted definition from the local Board of Realtors. No more.                                             Now, when I read a web listing that says: "Approximately 850 sq. ft., 2...

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