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These are the creative writings of Craig Schiller, a home stager, professional real estate marketing "guru" and founder of the Real Estaging, one of the nation's leading home staging companies.



Back in the fall I blogged on about whether or not it was wise to decorate for Halloween... and while at that time many people gave varied opinions, I stated that I thought it best not to.SO... what about Christmas? Should a home seller decorate their house during Christmas Season? My answer is a...
FIRST!!! WOW....  You gotta love them AR guys. Those "drips" know how to "drop" in nice features.To prime our new STAGE IT FORWARD GROUP pump... please go back to your blog postings about staging and re-assign its group under the new Stage It Forward catigory.  That way, your best and most inform...
It's no secret how much I admire and am inspired by Oprah. So when I finally watched last week's show on preparing a home for its sale I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. While I applaud the shows desire to help home sellers who currently find themselves emotionally and financially burdened...
Click on the above photo for a short yet touching sound & video message of Thanksgiving.My best to you and yours... Me
This Thanksgiving every Realtor and home seller should be thankful and contemplate Canned Cranberry Sauce. As it/they sit/s on your plates, know that it/they symbolize/s what staging has to offer. Here is my scholarly list...7 ways Canned Cranberry Sauce embodies Real Estate Staging!1. Canned Cr...
Well I finally had my opportunity to talk about real estate staging to the group of seniors selling their homes. The auditorium was PACKED with an overflow crowd... to a point that there were those that needed to be turned away. To be honest I did NOT expect so many. Upset and anxiety filled the ...
So you are or want to be a real estate stager? Well, it is a fun and rewarding business... but I would be lying if I said it was not with out it JUMBO challenges.Since I have been blogging about staging I have "connected" with stagers from all over the United States AND Canada! I have spoken with...
So I've been talking to Kim Segal a researcher working for HGTV. The BIG OPPROTUNITY and news I was hinting at in my earlier blog from today is that HGTV's #1 Real Estate Show wants to feature realtors in Chicago! (Kim is also looking for realtors in Denver, Raleigh, Vancouver, and Montreal!)"BUY...
LOST: One slightly used Red NoseLast scene in: Tutas TownIf FOUND please contact: Reala the Staging ClownReward: Please make your suggestions in "Comments" section below.I really miss my honker, beak, schnozola, sniffer, booger barn, snout, smeller, muzzle, snorer, trunk, and/or proboscis. Won't ...
In life I have been "trained" to think that the world is big and cold and impersonal. And I have been lead to believe that technology removes the personal touch. I have come to believe that "Computers are cold and impersonal replacing people" often infering that people are being "removed" from ou...

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