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I Love End Of The Year On-Line Deals. Take A Look At Microsoft... Office 2010 is coming out so you can get a great deal on Office 2007 Home and Student. $89 bucks if you click this link and digitally download that puppy. I am using MS Office and Adobe for all of my newsletters and will be teachin...
They Said Rain... I See Snow... I Am Soooooo Going Out To Play In It (LOL) Think of all the eye candy waiting to be had in Flushing Meadows Park. A fresh blanket of powder is gonna make that place absolutely magical. It's one of my fave places to jog. 30 Degrees is an improvement from yesterday ...
We Are Going To Open 2010 With An East Coast Start-Up Rumor has it I am not supposed to say anything but since I habitually give you guys too much information and it is the 31st, why not? (LOL) We are still working on the paperwork so this is the extent of my big mouth moment. That also means, te...
If You Don't Have A License, Butt Out Family Members, You Don't Know What You're Doing I am going to be brief and to the point. "If You Don't Have A License, Butt Out Family Members, You Don't Know What You're Doing." It is not just a title, it's a fact. Are you a lawyer? No? Then stop giving you...
Frustrating Is... (1) Waking up 6AM to post and not being able to because your browser wont let you upload pictures... (2) Reinstalling four browsers because you think you have a virus because you can't upload pictures... (3) Having Norton 360 tell you you don't have a virus and not being able to...
The Ambassadors of Chaos Are Coming To RainCamp... I love New York and RainCamp is coming to NYC on January 12th, 2010. The Ambassadors of Chaos are coming out to play and spend the day with some of our fave Rainers. I am looking forward to enjoying this major real estate tech event at the Marri...
How To Sell Your Creative Writing And Monetize Your Blog I spent the day creating hot links in my PDF newsletter. I like to link back to my blogs (and a few businesses that I enjoy) while wondering which friends I am going to high-jack for interviews. I need to do a minimum of 24 during the inte...
Designing Across Media... I am trying to figure out how to create visually rich content to engage the shorties while I work on the year in review. We have a lot of new tools to use and Stephen has spent the better part of 30 minutes counting buses (LOL). It appears I may have to do a school post...
Adobe CS4 Master Collection Is Amazing... I'm Speechless... Seriously... And to think I only wanted a RainCamp Platinum Pass and Photoshop for Christmas (LMAO)... What the hell was I thinking? This collection is amazing... I am such a software junkie. My family and gal pals went way beyond what ...
  Running With Your Eyes Closed How do little kids do that? They zip around, map out an area then act as if they have radar (LOL). Dude thinks running with his eyes closed is a super power (LMAO). I was waiting for shorty to do his Napoleon pose. That's always fun (LOL). Watching Stephen run his ...

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