Well, I truly saw the power of the rain today!  I have been involved with activerain for going on about 7 years, I think.  Did not truly understand blogging till about 2014 though, so I was a late bloomer.  I've enjoyed some successes from folks finding my post online, but that was pretty much th...
I need some good thoughts today.  My wife is on a job interview, as I write this today.   She works in what turns out is a pretty competitive field, higher education.  She got a PHD in biology, and published a bunch of work back in the day.  She was doing real well, then she met me.  We started a...
One of the great things about living in Laveen Az, is that there is horse property.  The great and cool thing about horse property, is that most of the horse properties you come across DO NOT have home owners associations.  Along with that, they do tend to be on bigger lots.I'm lucky enough to li...
Find below my contribution to make for the happy photo of the day.  My son, who found a smiley face on a french fry not so long ago, seems to have a talent to find the smiley face.  Below is another smiley face he found, this one on the top cover of a pint of chocalate icecream.Actually, it kinda...
Find below a photo of a cactus that has bloomed.  While I'm no botanist, I find it incredible that such beauty is found in the desert south west.  Now, this particular budding flower is in a pot, on my back porch.  Yet as far as I know, it is native to the desert south west.  What it is, well, ag...
There is only 5 properties under $170,000 in Laveen Az, today! This listing below, just came on market and is also priced under the mark of $170,000.  Home does qualify for a great down payment assistance program, giving up to 10% down to qualified buyers.This is a great start up home.  Call with...
Yeah, give me a boost, I want to see too!  Cracks me up to see these two on looking out the back door.  Specially the frenchie, the window is just barely high enough for her to see out.  Course that may be about the only window/door in the entire house that she could see out.Might have to buy her...
Ever notice all things that are around you?  I obviously had my eyes closed, because today at a stop, I came across this truck above.  It is a shorter semi tractor trailer, with some kind of heavy machinery that goes on the back.  The real curious thing, is how in the world do they get it up an d...
South Phoenix home values for the week of April 18th, 2016. 278 properties for sale247 single family homes for sale249 properties under contract154 properties sold in South Phoenix - (Laveen not included)1.8 months of absorption/market inventory$106.59 is $/sq ft for homes sold56 was average days...
So I grew a little today, and it was annoyance that made me learn.  I thought I'd share what I have learned even though I'm sure this may not be some big, huge, ubber size revelation. I have been talking photos for a long time, usually with a camera.  Yet, every once in a while I don't have it wi...

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