lake homes: Escape to Virginia's Smith Mountain Lake - 02/29/16 04:39 AM
Have you ever wondered if a tranquil lake community like Smith Mountain Lake living would provide you with the permanent escape you often wish for?
After a while, the traffic and crowds of larger cities and towns can bring a longing for a more peaceful experience that outlasts your yearly vacation. The kind of experience locals at Smith Mountain Lake get to have all the time. highlights several benefits of a country setting like the one found at SML. Check out these perks of trading city life for the open spaces and fresh air of a calmer, scenic rural location … (1 comments)

lake homes: The Perks of a Winter Smith Mountain Lake Home Search - 12/30/15 11:26 PM
The Smith Mountain Lake home search rises and falls from spring to fall like every other part of the country.
But some SML home buyers could benefit the most from a Smith Mountain Lake home search at a less popular time of the year - winter. Though warm temperatures and blooming landscapes tend to push the real estate search to a peak, wintertime property searches have many overlooked advantages.
In general, buying real estate in the winter months is not as popular as in Spring and Summer. This is especially true in a lake community, where things tend to grind to … (3 comments)

lake homes: Planning to Sell Your Smith Mountain Lake Home? - 12/30/15 10:47 PM
Maybe it’s time for an upgrade, a downsize or a move closer to the kids and grandkids. No matter what your reason, perhaps you plan to sell your Smith Mountain Lake home in 2016. As any Smith Mountain Lake realtor will tell you, this is great time to sell with the economy leveling off, the aftermath of the recession considerably less and inventory in demand. We’d love to share our home selling strategies to help you get the most out of selling your Smith Mountain Lake home. 
Paying the Price
Many sellers hope to get the maximum value of their home, but the … (1 comments)

lake homes: Tips From Smith Mountain Lake Realtor Deb Beran - 12/18/15 03:38 AM
Having lived at SML since 1988 and representing buyers and sellers for almost as long, Deb is a very experienced Smith Mountain Lake Realtor®️ who wants every homebuyer to be happy with their SML property.
While she loves showing potential homebuyers what they would love about a home, part of being a great real estate agent is making property buyers aware that certain property traits that would only hinder their lifestyle.
With assistance from, we’ve put together a short list of common property characteristics that may not suit some Smith Mountain Lake home shoppers.
Getting Off the Island
Kitchen islands are popular … (2 comments)

lake homes: Smith Mountain Lake Parks Exceed Expectations - 08/20/14 11:08 PM
One of Smith Mountain Lake’s greatest luxuries is a day hosted by Mother Nature. Our local parks are developed to help guests make the most of the peaceful, beautiful scenery. Though there are several picnic and play-friendly spots around SML, there are three that offer experiences well beyond the norm. 
Hike, swim or fish the day away at the SML Community Park in Franklin County. Bike, camp and explore nature at the SML State Park in Bedford County. Each park has amazing views and help visitors take advantage of the lake’s fishing and swimming opportunities. 
Booker T. Washington … (0 comments)

lake homes: Innovative Education Highlights Smith Mountain Lake Schools - 08/17/14 10:46 PM
School children are donning backpacks once again in the Smith Mountain Lake community. Another school year is beginning at most area schools and man families here are expecting nothing short of excellence from public and private school systems. One of the ways the Franklin County school system is achieving high standards of learning is through an innovative, hands-on approach at the Gereau Center. 
Franklin County’s Gereau Center is a creative learning center whose program combines challenging academic standards and integrating critical thinking skills in a problem-based learning approach. The Center for Energy Efficient Design (CEED), in which Energy Engineering is … (0 comments)

lake homes: Put Wind In Your Sails at Smith Mountain Lake - 07/29/14 02:29 AM
The view of Smith Mountain Lake isn’t complete without the serene scene of white sails on the horizon. Almost year-round, sailing enthusiasts enjoy their favorite type of on-the-water cruise on our beautiful lake. Some are out for the relaxation, but many are into the thrill of competition. Local newspaper Laker Weekly recently highlighted a different kind of competitive sailing approach - a midnight sail under the moonlight. 
The nighttime competition was the third annual event of its kind, sponsored by SML’s two sailing clubs, the Blackwater Yacht Racing Association and Virginia Inland Sailing Association. After a little friendly competition, the hobbyists … (0 comments)

lake homes: Summer’s End Great for Home Selling - 07/07/14 02:32 AM
The months between Memorial Day and Labor Day are peak season for home selling across the nation, Smith Mountain Lake included. If you’re one of the many home owners at Smith Mountain Lake looking to sell your property, let us help out with a few tips from a recent article in Forbes Magazine. 
Though this summer started with a bang for home selling, its end may be even more impressive. Forbes states that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are loosening bank lending rules, which will be in effect by summer’s end. This is in conjunction with the nation’s largest lender, Wells … (0 comments)

lake homes: Room For the Garden To Grow at Smith Mountain Lake - 06/30/14 04:16 AM
When it is time to think about that second home, retirement location or a more idyllic family neighborhood, Smith Mountain Lake often pops up on the radar. And one of the primary reasons is the acreage available. Many home buyers in this area are looking to trade crowding, traffic and small spaces for space to spread out and enjoy a personalized property. Local residents are making the most of the space available by following a national trend - growing their own food right in their backyard. 
A recent article in the July/Aug Smith Mountain Laker Magazine highlights community members who are … (0 comments)

lake homes: Free to Fly at Smith Mountain Lake - 06/24/14 04:17 AM
Smith Mountain Lake is often on the cutting edge of water sports and water recreation. The latest in water hobbies never takes long to catch on at a place where residents and visitors want to take on the next water challenge. Flyboarding is one of the on-the-water activities to make its arrival at Smith Mountain Lake this summer season. 
The daring sport puts a single rider on a flyboard for a 15-minute cruise at 25 to 30 feet above the lake using a steady blast of jet stream for lift. Flyboarding is offered at Wet Connection, part of Crazy Horse … (0 comments)

lake homes: The Safe Way to Secure Your Smith Mountain Lake Vacation Rental - 06/16/14 02:18 AM
Renting a vacation home is a popular way to enjoy the thrills of Smith Mountain Lake, but a recent article in Forbes Magazine cautions renters on a growing fraud trend. An April report titled “How To Avoid The Internet’s Hottest Scam: Fake Vacation Rentals” warns vacation home rental seekers of the increasing online scam. Phony landlords are conning would-be renters into sending deposits after reeling the renter in with false information on rental homes online. 
Along with several other smart tips on protecting oneself from vacation rental scams, Forbes suggests hiring a trusted local real estate agent to help secure … (0 comments)

lake homes: Your Best Summer Yet at Smith Mountain Lake - 06/03/14 03:14 AM
You and your family have finally shaken free of school time schedules and obligations and it’s time to make the most of the summer months. Whether you live here or love to vacation at Smith Mountain Lake, we hope you are making plans to take advantage of all the exciting on and off-water fun available. With a little effort and a lot of help from local publication Laker Magazine’s “90 Days of Summer Fun” feature, you can have your best summer yet here at beautiful, thrilling Smith Mountain Lake. 
For some great warm weather activity ideas, thoughts on family-friendly entertainment and … (0 comments)

lake homes: Wonderful Wildlife at Smith Mountain Lake - 05/20/14 11:53 PM
Part of what makes Smith Mountain Lake so special is its natural environment. Much of the acreage surrounding its 500 miles of shoreline is undisturbed green space or protected parks where wildlife and vegetation thrive. Families that live at the lake get plentiful views of wild animals in their natural habitat, and one of the more fascinating species locals love to observe are ospreys. 
Close to a decade ago, local parks and recreation authorities built a platform hoping ospreys migrating north for the summer would build their nest at SML. The plan worked and the ospreys have been part of … (0 comments)

lake homes: Tips for the Home Search at Smith Mountain Lake - Be Competitive - 05/14/14 06:29 AM
When the market is good at a place like Smith Mountain Lake, the competition can be fierce - and not just for home sellers. A lake community that is considered a retreat destination is more competitive for buyers than you may think. Here, second homes, investment properties and retirement properties are all distinctive in style, acreage, water frontage and convenience which makes the search for that perfect location very specific. Chances are high that home buyers who find just what they are looking for won’t be the only ones to fall in love with that property. 
Work with a local … (0 comments)

lake homes: Tips for the Home Search at Smith Mountain Lake - Get Pre-Approved - 04/18/14 01:57 AM
When the weather improves, so does home buying. Spring is consistently the busiest time of year for real estate, marked by increases in property listings, open houses and buying interest. Forbes Magazine offers a few tips for buying a home in the spring, ones we thought were appropriate for any of our followers who want to be smart about their Smith Mountain Lake property search. First is to hire an experienced real estate professional to guide your home buying process. 
Second is to understand your financial capacity for a home mortgage. Recent changes in home financing make it even more … (0 comments)

lake homes: Tips for the Home Search at Smith Mountain Lake - Hire a Professional - 04/16/14 03:44 AM
In spring time many aspects of the economy get a lift from tourism to home and garden, fashion to the entertainment industry. When the weather improves, so do moods - and spending. Spring is consistently the busiest time of year for real estate, marked by increases in property listings, open houses and buying interest. Smith Mountain Lake is no different. Our area’s homes show best when the landscape is green, the trees and flowers are in bloom and the warmer weather makes the lake most inviting. 
Forbes Magazine offers a few tips for buying a home in the spring, ones we … (0 comments)

lake homes: Spruce-up Your Smith Mountain Lake Home - 03/26/14 11:23 PM
While the weather is still too chilly to spend much time outdoors, this is a great time to focus your energy on sprucing up your Smith Mountain Lake home so that it’s ready for all the activity, hosting and entertaining you’ll do this summer. And we mean more than just giving it a good clean - fixing those minor problems, refreshing the interiors and opening up space will go further than what the mop and broom can accomplish. Here are a few ideas for bringing the best out of your home for summer time from this helpful article on

lake homes: Smith Mountain Lake - Where Home Improvement Is Easy - 03/11/14 04:48 AM
Smith Mountain Lake is the type of community where everything you could possibly need to maintain a high quality of life is not only close by, but it’s offered by local residents who understand what a privilege it is to live at such a place. When your home needs work, something needs updating, interiors need decorating, the garden needs planting or you simply want to take good care of what has been done already, your best bet is going to be an expert or supplier right at Smith Mountain Lake. 
You can find the best professional to do the work at … (0 comments)

lake homes: The Gains of a Golf Community - 02/27/14 11:32 PM
Spring is just around the corner for Smith Mountain Lake which means it’s time to start warming up the golf swing. Soon, area golfers will take to our beautiful courses for months of their favorite sport in one of the most beautiful lake settings you could imagine. Those who live at one of our four golf communities have several distinct advantages that go beyond beautiful scenery and year-round golfing access. Living at a golf community enhances your quality of life in many ways. 
Promotes physical health
Having a golf course in your backyard is one of the best ways to motivate … (0 comments)

lake homes: Virginia Wine Regions Recognized in Forbes Magazine - 02/12/14 04:34 AM
California, Italy and France are all places you would expect to make a list of wine regions worth exploring. But we are especially thrilled that a recent article in Forbes Magazine puts the state of Virginia as one of their Six Exciting Wine Regions To Explore In 2014. Of course, Virginia residents are aware of just how promising and accomplished its winery scene is becoming, but to be recognized among worldwide wine destinations is quite a mark of achievement. 
The wineries and wines produced at Smith Mountain Lake are among some of the best Virginia wine locations. When you visit, … (0 comments)

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