We just got the announcement from our President and CEO, Jeffrey V. Haley, that American National Bank and Trust Company was voted;
" One of the nation's 100 best-performing community banks of 2015
with $1 billion to $10 billion in assets ".
This was quite a surprise and welcome news.   Apparently, we are doing something RIGHT ! I hope that YOU will give us a NEW look and see what American National Bank and Trust Company can do for YOU and YOUR unique financial situation.   We are here for YOU !
As an employee of the Bank, I am thrilled to know … (4 comments)

american national bank: Hello, Officer ! - 03/26/16 02:15 AM
I was having an extremely busy day yesterday.   After my post yesterday,
Up To $ 8,000.00 in FREE MONEY Available! Better Contact Me NOW!
the phone was ringing off the hook and my email in box was filling up fast.   NO complaints here but WOW, what a response.   I guess everybody likes FREE MONEY !   Imagine that.   Believe ME, I understand the need !
I was pushing myself to keep up and had my computer, printer and cell phone all working at warp speed.  As the morning flew through lunch time and into the afternoon, my stomach was growling … (6 comments)

american national bank: My husband is SICK ! No, I mean really SICK ! - 03/20/16 11:55 AM
No; he doesn't need your sympathy or a get well soon card but this man is really ill !   He has an acute case of CABIN FEVER  !   You see, he loves to work in the yard and he always has a whole list of "to do" projects.   He has been waiting and waiting for the weather to break so he can get started.
He doesn't plant any flowers or trees before April 1st.   He says anyone around here that does that is an "April Fool" because we often get sub freezing temperatures, like tonight, up until the first … (7 comments)

american national bank: URGENT ! Please, you must respond before midnight TODAY 03-16-2016 - 03/16/16 02:43 AM
For locals and other readers alike, I am asking for your help, TODAY !   Please check out the attached video.   It is about the ONE DAY ONLY effort to assist numerous charity organizations across the Roanoke Valley area of southwest Virginia.   This is the first time this has been done so it hasn't been as publicized as we would like but it is for so many good causes.
The organization is called "Roanoke Valley Gives".   It's similar in function to United Way but on a more localized and targeted basis.   There are 125 charities … (18 comments)

american national bank: " Put a BEEP where you SLEEP ! " - 03/12/16 01:04 PM
Yes folks; it's that time again.   When the time changes, it is also when the fire service recommends you change the batteries in your smoke detectors.   It is suggested that you change them twice a year  because you never know how long the batteries sat on the store shelf before you bought them.
I posted the following message last fall when we changed our clocks the last time.   In the interest of saving lives, I am reposting it tonight as we are within hours of the change.   I hope you will take this seriously and remind other loved … (5 comments)

american national bank: Take A Beautiful Tour Of Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia With Us ! - 03/10/16 08:58 AM
Get ready to come along for a tour with us of the largest inland body of water in the state of Virginia.   One of the great Realtors here at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia put together a wonderful video showing how beautiful our lake and community is so try to see yourself here with us.
Penny Hodges has been showing and selling properties here at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia for many years.   At one point, our offices were across the hall from each other for several years.   I appreciate Penny creating this video and sharing it with me, you and … (6 comments)

american national bank: With The Recent Record High Temperatures, BEWARE; THE BUGS ARE BACK ! - 03/10/16 07:15 AM
Hasn't the unusually warm weather on the east coast been wonderful ?   How many of you got outside and stretched those tired winter muscles ?   I got out and enjoyed it too.   Ahhhh, fresh air !
Here at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia; the boats have reappeared on the water with the clear, warm days.   The sounds of their motors zipping by our cove headed for the prime fishing area just past us.   The ground has even begun to dry out and stiffen as the water table sifts deeper into the soil.
Had to blow the leftover leaves off … (3 comments)

american national bank: You should visit "The Bootlegger's Cafe" in Rocky Mount, Virginia ! - 03/09/16 03:32 PM
My husband and I were out running errands in Rocky Mount, Virginia and I needed to stop at this restaurant to pick up something.   We decided to take a break from our tasks for a minute and decided to sit and have a soda or water.   Oh my gosh, now I can't get my husband to stop talking about it !
I am getting some materials together from local businesses for an upcoming event at the bank and The Bootlegger's Cafe was one of those places.   When we stopped in, owner Bryan Hochstein was busy, so we were seated … (3 comments)

american national bank: Do You Ever Read The Fine Print ? You Should. It's Important ! - 03/09/16 02:05 AM
I ask this question of my readers because I often wonder, do you read the fine print ?   It's always been there at the bottom of the page but did you notice it ?   I have been posting blogs on ActiveRain for many years and lots of you have been following and reading and commenting on my site.
A lot has changed over time but through perseverance, I'm still here.   I hope you have and will continue to find this blog either informative, entertaining or at least; worth your time investment.   I appreciate ALL my readers and hope … (4 comments)

american national bank: It's Official - Al Roker even said so ! - 03/07/16 01:35 PM
For those of you that missed my earlier blog this morning, you might want to check it out.   Today was a special day at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.   Did you see the morning weather today ?   Did you watch Al Roker ?   Even he acknowledged our celebration, so it's official; today was a special day !
Just in case you missed it, here was this morning's post: 
We were so excited that Al joined in on our big day.   Though the actual, exact minute of the lake reaching full pond was 5:07am, 50 years ago; we waited … (3 comments)

american national bank: Come on by for Business After Hours - TODAY - 5pm to 7pm at my office - 03/06/16 03:03 PM
Well, TODAY is the day and I look forward to seeing all of you at the Business After Hours this afternoon.   This is going to be a special day because the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce is having it's monthly Business After Hours for March at my office TODAY.
Co-sponsored by American National Bank and Trust Company and Edward Jones, it stands to be a great opportunity for networking and meeting the staff here at the bank.   We will also be doing door prize drawings, product giveaways and of course, there will be some great food.
I am so … (2 comments)

american national bank: Have you ever set a Guinness World Record ? Well, here's your chance - 03/04/16 06:30 AM
I know; you're already back pedalling.   Do you have to be a world class athlete ?   NO !   Do you have to have extraordinary skills ?   NO !   Do you have to do something to make this happen ?   Ah haaaa, . . . YES you do !   The next question is, . . . Can you ?   Or will you ?   And why wouldn't you ?
Have I got your attention yet ?   OK, this is going to be fun and you're going to want to participate so I'm asking ALL of … (9 comments)

american national bank: How long does it take to close a mortgage loan? - 03/04/16 04:20 AM
I have re-blogged Joseph Metzler before because his posts are so "spot on".   I hope buyers, and agents too, realize we do all we can to get deals closed as quick as possible but that is dependent on ALL parties to the transaction doing their part in a timely manner.   Guarantee: Do your part and we'll do ours !
Getting a home mortgage loan in today's world is a cumbersome paperwork intensive process.  Especially with all the recent regulatory changes added since the market crash.
Not everyone realizes how long the process takes, but this is good information to understand when setting … (5 comments)

american national bank: You're not obligated to do your loan with me just because we talked. - 03/03/16 11:25 PM
Here you are, thinking about a mortgage.   Why else would you have been searching the Internet and come across this blog ?   Is it for a purchase or are you considering refinancing your current home ?   Are you ready to proceed ?   Is your credit at the right level for you to qualify ?
You will notice, the questions already discussed have NOTHING to do with your actual home mortgage loan.   These are things to go over and prepare for well before we get into income, employment and property questions.   Doing a mortgage is so much … (3 comments)

american national bank: The clouds will clear and you will see the light. - 03/02/16 07:54 AM
I was just commenting another blogger's post and included that line.   It just struck me as a powerful title and I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget it.   People have been, are and may still be going through hard times and difficulties relating back to the housing crash of 2008 and 2009.   So, why then would I, a Mortgage Loan Originator, even bring this up ?
Why would I mention something like this when I want to be upbeat ?   It's because I have seen some folks lately that have turned things around.   You know, . … (2 comments)

american national bank: Buying a home in Franklin County, Virginia ? - 03/02/16 06:02 AM
Did the title tickle a thought ?   Have you considered buying a home in Franklin County, Virginia ?   We have a lot to offer here and I would invite you to check us out.   The county and me, too.   Find out how living here can be a special experience with a community oriented overview.
My name is DEANNA EARLY and I am the LICENSED Mortgage Loan Originator for Franklin County, Virginia at American National Bank and Trust Company.   I have been doing Virginia mortgages for purchases and refinances for over 30 years so read my "Virginia Mortgage … (3 comments)

american national bank: Big Announcement ! Business After Hours Is At My Office Thursday ! - 03/02/16 05:02 AM
It's official folks, I am hosting Business After Hours !   OK, of course it's not just me sponsoring it; I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.   This is big news and I'm trying to make sure everyone knows they are invited.
American National Bank and Trust Company, in cooperation with Edward Jones, is sponsoring the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours next Thursday, March 17th at our main Rocky Mount, Virginia location.   The event runs from 5pm to 7pm and will be an excellent opportunity to meet and greet other business professionals.
It … (5 comments)

american national bank: Am I wrong for the way I blog or do you want something I don't offer ? - 03/02/16 04:01 AM
This idea for a title and post came from responding to one of my best pals on ActiveRain.   In fact, this blogger was the first person to ever comment or acknowledge my blog's existence so I owe him a debt of gratitude for his support from then until now.   I also respect his opinions and professional commentary as should all of his readers.   He did however, get me thinking.
In his daily blog, he did a posting on the four types of blogger he did not want to be.   The subject was from an earlier post by someone … (9 comments)

american national bank: Today is the day we set the historical marker at Smith Mountain Lake ! - 03/02/16 03:12 AM
It is March 7, 2016 and at 11:00am the ceremonies will begin to set the historical marker at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.   It will commemorate the occasion and pay tribute to all those that were involved in the creation, building and continued stewardship of this great community resource.
For those of you that are unfamiliar with Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia (I can't imagine there is such a person because I talk and blog about it all the time); it is a very special place.   The lake is 22,000 acres with over 500 miles of beautiful shoreline nestled in the … (2 comments)

american national bank: Car Sales Are Up, but is that a good thing ? - 03/02/16 02:57 AM
Recently, I heard the news commentator announcing that car sales were up.   Wooo hoooo !   Happy days are here again but wait a minute; . . is that really a good thing ?   What does that mean ?   I had to ponder this idea because sometimes what sounds good on the surface demands further scrutiny.
Before you get all wound up, no; I have nothing against car sales improving.   An improving economy, more jobs leading to income to make such purchases and an improving public spirit are all great steps in the right direction but let's dig … (5 comments)

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