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Great news for the first quarter of 2009.  Per click charges have fallen!  That means your cost per lead is dropping!  We are seeing this because your competition is pulling out.  A McGraw Hill study shows that companies that stay the course and don't cut advertising have the highest growth rates...
We are currently generating thousands of leads for the foreclosure market at a very good $/lead.  We have received feedback on these leads from our advertisers across the nation.  We are seeing great results for generating contactable leads, however, a common theme is that many are from unqualifi...
Get Hot Home Buyer & Seller leads delivered to you in real time! eSource Lead-Pro In this challenging real estate market, an aggressive agent can never have enough leads.  The web is one of the best places to find potential clients and eSource Agent's internet marketing professionals can make the...
Local search is absolutely booming! With Google, Yahoo! and MSN all striving to capture their share of this market they are pushing the local results more than any other segment of their business. Partnerships are being formed every day with companies like Garmin, TomTom, Merceded, BMW to provid...
Realtor Marketing Internet Marketing Provider selected as Preferred Vendor to Properties Online, LLC ( (Gold River, Calif.), eSource Marketing’s Realtor Advertising Division announced a vendor partnership with Properties Online to provide onl...
Google Tweaks its search algorithm an average of 1.2 times A DAY!   There is no "Black Hat" silver bullet out there these days.   The BEST SEO Practices according to Google...   "I wish people would put more ef...
eSource Marketing has created a new service that distributes your business information to over 50 of the internets most used local business directories. Learn  more about how you can get your business information published in the places your customers are searching most.Click Hereor call now - (8...
Creating online visibility can be difficult and expensive to do correctly.It takes a significant amount of time to develop a strategy and the tactics to attack a particular market. However, has made it both simple and cost effective by giving you SIMPLE, FREE, PROVEN, techniques...
Affordable Internet Marketing Strategies - Webinar for RealtorsMarch 21, 2008Posted By: Roman Bills everybody this Webinar seems to have become a big hit. Our seats are filling up quickly so if you are interested in learning how you can effectively market yourself ...
This does sound LOCO. How does this work?It is! For every territory that we are currently targeting we offer a wacky new promotion every month for the first 25 business categories that sign up. So for each promotion one and only one business can be represented in our effort. To get into the promo...

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