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This blog is dedicated to the dissemination of information about Real Estate specific contact management and CRM software.



Making the time to learn it - note the use of the word making as opposed to getting the time. It is so very important to understand that this one point can make all the difference in the world between someone who implements the CRM and reaps the benefits, and someone who eventually simply regret...
Get up to "Tech-Speed" You can finally implement the plans and e-mails/letters that keep you on track during listings and closings, instead of just wishing you could get to it. If you have Top Producer, Agent Office, Active Agent for Outlook, or AdvantageXi, Trans-Plans are included and will be i...
Trans-Plans! If you have one of these programs, are you using the Activity Plans capability? Most people are familiar with using plans to automatically follow up with prospects, or to follow up with clients after closing, but what about in between? What will Real Estate Transaction Management Tra...
The following is a list of functions that a good CRM enables you to do. Many people buy a CRM because they are told they need one, or because they want to get more organized. Often while evaluating a CRM or after purchasing one, they then end up saying that it cost too much for what they need, be...

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