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A statement is often made that having a Web based CRM is clearly superior to a desktop CRM. The reality is that there are pros and cons to both. While there are many arguments over which is better and why, let's address a few of the most common misconceptions. The first thing to do to is to reali...
There is a common complaint with agents feeling that if they don’t use all the features of a CRM, that they are spending more money than they should for features they don’t use. Developers have to build a CRM to suit the needs of the many, so there will undoubtedly be features that not everyone w...
Sorry to announce that the Real Estate CRM "Respond" from Pat Zaby's Systems & Seminars is no longer being offered due to issues with MS Office 2010.   So as not to be the bearer of only bad tidings, I'll take this same opportunity to announce that Pat's focus is now on a new project called InTou...
When smart phones first gained popularity, people started buying them without first finding out what CRMs would synch with them. When Mac started doing its marketing push and agents started going out and buying Mac desktops and laptops, they bought them and then came to me to find out if the CRM ...
So what determines which CRMs will survive? There are certainly no hard and fast rules because there are far too many variables. Issues to take into account other than the obvious, “Is it a good CRM?” are: How long have they been out of beta? (meaning when they finished testing and started sellin...
It's a shame so few people use their CRM for Transaction Management. Many agents use the CRMs activity plan/campaign/task series capability for following up with leads or for post closing follow-up. But very few understand the value of tracking your listings and closings with that same feature. ...
Currently, there are about 40 Real Estate specific CRMs (Customer Relationship Managers) and they are surprisingly unique in many respects. Can the industry support them all? If not, how do you pick one that is most likely to survive? Moving from one CRM to another is very costly in terms of loss...

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