Missing 15 year old from PA  This boy's mother works in HR at the Upper Perkiomen School District Please look at the picture, read what his mother says, then forward this message on. My 15 year old son, Evan Trembley, is missing. He has been missing for now two weeks. Maybe if everyone passes thi...
In case you missed it in our media... I don't recall seeing this anywhere in the mainstream... of course I don't pay much attention to it either. This is great, a snow day with historic proportions (3 snow storms over 1' in one winter is unprecedented as well as two 2' snows within 4 days) and th...
This post was inspired by Amy Hahn's post: Ray Kroc, the long time owner and chief architect of the McDonalds empire, said this: It wasn't about how many hamburgers they sold,...
Umm, I wonder. Could this be fact or is it fiction? Is it fear mongering or is it truth? Are lobbyists preventing the word from getting out? I know parts to be truth, being in the advertising business, I am aware of who each ad I see is aimed at attracting. I know my kids were after us to let the...

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