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After moving to New Mexico, the high desert near Santa Fe, my first guests were coming from Michigan and it was February.  They told me what they were packing–shorts, swimsuit, sweaters, etc. People assume because there is a lot of desert here and we are south, it is always warm. Tomorrow is the ...
One of the things I like most about living in New Mexico is that I don't feel big vacations are as important as they once were. In any given weekend, or even day trip right from my house, one might visit these National and State Parks, Monuments, and other recreation areas: Aztec Ruins Monument :...
When living in areas where there are wild animals, can you be casual? Where I live in New Mexico, since arriving 9 years ago these are a few of the events: Mountain lion runs into the downtown glass door of the Santa Fe shop Mountain lion hangs out in the residential area, comfortable to be close...
On the news tonight (1/28/11) they reported that Las Cruses New Mexico has just hired 60 goats to trim the vegetation around (whatever) in a very inaccessible place.  Las Cruses is to pay, per day for this trimming $250.  They did not mention how many days. But, this is not news to me.  From our ...
My friend Suzanne knows a lot.  She is the one who taught me about vinegar.  Now that I understand its power, there is some concern about what it does for/to one's stomach. In a hard water state such as New Mexico, this is good news for every house to have: Vinegar can clean your shower head – ju...
Living in New Mexico is a treat.  First there are the unique homes, some of which are direct derivatives of the ancestors of Hispanic and Native populations and others imported concepts from around the world.  But, beyond that there are the myriad of things to do.  One of my marketing techniques ...
I am a slow thinker.  Perhaps others in my family thought quicker...the doctors and all. But what i have found, is that with slow, deliberate thinking, the end result is consideration for all of the angles and, in many cases, right thinking. So, take my time, I say.  
  I do have a real estate license but merely use it for referral purposes.  This because I don't know real estate as well as I do business brokering.  However, the real estate regulations are good ones to have as guidelines for what I do.  In the State of New Mexico, at least, real estate profess...
Dallas Chambers just wrote a blog entry about garage sales. His Entry  There were great tips about how to manage one. If you find that holding a garage sale does not make sense in your busy life, explore the various non-profits that are conducting retail or auction business.  They might really ap...
In the New Oxford American Dictionary on my computer the word enchantment, noun form of enchant,  is defined as  “fill (someone) with great delight; charm,” e.g.  Enchantment is what we experience living in New Mexico. While having never worked with real estate professionals in other states, othe...

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