Oops...I Did It Again! It could have been an OOPS! But thanks to Kelly Kelley, it came out OK. She asked me to talk about how I work solo for an iSucceed Business Training and development call. We fit it in our schedules kind of last minute, and (as usual) I didn't have anything prepared. Thank g...
Why Have an Active Rain Type E Group? Even though Type E personalities make up only about 5% to 10% of the population, here on Active Rain I've already heard from quite a few. It seems natural for us to have a place to share Type E stories about how we have a unique way of looking at and solving ...
             It is January 27th and it is 7:30 am. This is happening right now in Baltimore, Mind you the temperature is 21 degrees and the water temperature is a whopping 36.5 degrees. Lots of people are jumping in and exposing themselves for charity. Here is the information about this yearly ev...
                                                                                                                  It was a dozen years ago when I had an awful lot on my plate trying to balance everything.  Dealing with my mom with Alzheimer's while running a growing real estate business as a solo...
As many of you know my goal is to bring in many new Active Rain members.          The ambitious number that I am striving  for is 55! That's because I was so impressed with Maureen McCabe who has that many invitations. Here is her comment on my post.  Is a NEW member like a NEW listing?      "I h...
  This is what a typical house looks like in a Baltimore neighborhood.  Here is a similar home with an addition.                                     These 2 houses are now where a "typical" house used to be.   This colonial was a brick rancher just a few years ago. This is what is happening in a ...
They put it right there in the press release for the whole world to see. This respected provider of online mentoring and training for real estate professionals, while announcing the Top 10 iSucceed Success Modules for 2006, slipped that four-letter word into the very last paragraph. Why would the...
I've talked about numbers before, often. We always seem to be counting something in real estate – listings, days we've had a listing, showings, offers, sales, settlements, commissions.Since joining this amazing group, I've counted ActiveRain's phenomenal growth to more than 8,000 real estate agen...
We were recently reminded by Rich Jacobson to "BLOG, or Get Off the Pot!" I took his challenge to get someone I invited to join ActiveRain and then get busy and BLOG. It was very much like getting a new listing. No, it didn’t just "happen," it took time and patience and even some work. To get a n...
Again the phone rings!                          "How much is the house on Taney Rd?" "$259,944" I answer. "How many bedrooms?""Four!" "Is the basement finished?""There is no lower level.""Why is it priced like that?"                                                      "It is being sold 'As Is'""...

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