home selling danbury ct: What is Important When You Sell Your Home In Danbury,CT - 02/20/19 08:54 AM
When you are selling your home in the Greater Danbury & Candlewood Lake area of CT, there are several things that you would like to consider:
-Will we get enough money to move on from the house?
-How long will it take to sell?
-When will we have to move out?
-Where will we go when we sell?
-What's our purchasing power for a new home?Would we be able to get the type of house we what for that price?
-When would the buyers do their inspection?
-How long does it take for buyers to get a mortgage?
-Can we look at houses in the area before we list … (0 comments)

home selling danbury ct: How Do You Find Out What Your Home In Danbury,CT Is Worth? - 01/02/19 10:34 AM
Learning the value of your home is very important. It it be useful for your planning your financial future by seeing if their is enough equity in your home so you can upgrade to larger home, downsize comfortably, or another considerations. 
It is easy to get a quick price from a well know national portal. However, the estimate that you get from their is just a starting point. One appointment I went on in the Greater Danbury area, their price was close to 20% less than what I valued the home to be due to a number of things. The national site has … (0 comments)

home selling danbury ct: My Home Seller Clients Have Gotten The Results They Wanted - 11/29/18 12:23 PM
My recent seller clients have gotten good results on their move. Here are some of the success stories

-31 Boxwood Lane, New Milford CT 06776. Closed Date 12/29/2017, Asking Price $469,900, Sales Price $465,000, Accepted Offer in 3 Days

-27 Crows Nest Lane #10K, Danbury CT 06810. Closed Date 12/12/2018, Asking Price $159,750, Closed Price $160,108 Accepted Offer in 5 Days

-27 Crows Nest Lane #12-G, Danbury CT 06810, Closed Date 6/20/2018, Asking Price: $150,000, Sales Price $161,000, Accepted in 1 day

-27 Crows Nest Lane #12-H, Danbury CT 06810. Closed Date 10/27/2017. Asking Price, $159,900, Sales Price $150,000. Accepted Offer In 25 Days.

-46 Golden … (0 comments)

home selling danbury ct: Can Your Neighbor Cost You The Sale Of Your Home? - 11/20/18 09:16 AM
As many obstacle's that may come in the way of selling your home, one of which you might not think about could be your neighbors. I was recently showing a property to one of clients. She had expressed some interest, but still wanted to see some more homes before deciding on where she should live. As we were finishing up, we were talking outside and one of the neighbor's drive by screaming at me my client and her parents about having a car in his space. In our defense, there was on clearly marked visitor spaces nearby and the neighbor does have a  … (2 comments)

home selling danbury ct: What is included in an offer to purchase a home in Danbury,CT? - 08/23/18 10:23 AM
There are a lot of items that are included in an offer to purchase on a home. It can be a tricky to understand if you are a first time homeowner or a seller of a property that has not moved in several years. In this part of Connecticut, there are about three different forms that buyer's agents can use to help clients get an offer accepted on their new home. Regardless of the form, the basic offer on a home should have the information below:
-Buyer & Seller's Name And Address
-Address of the property being sold
-What personal property would be included … (1 comments)

home selling danbury ct: Sold is my favorite word when representing the homeowner in Danbury,CT - 03/08/18 10:19 AM
 That's right, sold is my favorite word when I'm representing the homeowner of a property in the Danbury,CT area. Most sellers believe their house is 'Sold' when they accept the offer on the house and sign the purchase agreement. However, in realty, having the purchase agreement signed is just the beginning. The buyers have performance their inspection, negotiate any issues that may have arisen, formal contracts have to be signed, the bank appraisers has to be through the issue and the most important thing is the buyer securing their mortgage they need to purchase the house. The home is officially sold when at the closing … (1 comments)

home selling danbury ct: You Aren't Crazy, There's Just Low Inventory in Danbury,CT Real Estate - 03/07/18 08:17 AM
The current amount of homes on the market is at the lowest point in Danbury,CT in easily the last two years. According to smart mls data, there are close to 40 % fewer single family homes on the market compared to this time in 2016. One interesting fact is, despite fewer homes on the market, about the same overall number of homes do have accepted offers.  Due to the inventory amount, there was about 20% fewer sales in February of 2018 compared to the February of 2016.  Due to the reduced inventory, the sales price homes in Danbury,CT did increase $25,000 between … (0 comments)

home selling danbury ct: It's My Job To Get Clients Good Money For Their Home in Danbury,CT - 12/18/17 02:47 PM
I recently a had a client ask me if their home was going to sell in Danbury. They were really concenred as they have sold never a home before. The property was owned a family member for over twenty years and due to a change, the family had to sell it Their home was well maintained, but kitchen counter-tops, appliances and baths were pretty much original to the home. They also need the home to close before a certain date for financial reasons. 
The family did a do a some cleaning, but it looked like a bomb went off with the personal property. Due to the … (0 comments)

home selling danbury ct: Is Keeping Your Home on the Market The Best Solution in Danbury,CT? - 09/28/17 01:55 PM
If your house been on the market for several months without a sale, something has to not be working. Either the marketing hasn't been effective or perhaps you have not been allowing as many showings has there's been requested. Another possible reason why your home could be sitting on the market for longer than average time is that home buyers are not seeing the value your home based on the market. 
I could understand that it can be frustrating trying to sell and not getting the results that you want. As the home seller, it is your decision whether keeping the house … (1 comments)

home selling danbury ct: Your Home in Danbury,CT Is Used - 09/28/17 01:48 PM
Unless you are buying new construction in the Danbury area, the place you purchase and decide to call home is used. I know that sounds pretty bad, but it is the truth. The home that you have purchased has been maintained and upgraded over the years, but might not be completely new up  not built to today's standard. However, just like you would when you would be purchasing a used car, you would have it inspected as part of your decision making process after you reach an agreement with the seller.  I only recommended buyers to ask for any credit, repair or allowance for … (0 comments)

home selling danbury ct: Danbury,CT Is Always Changing - 08/30/17 07:13 AM
One thing that I've noticed about living in Danbury,CT for all these years are things are always changing. Businesses are always changing, relocating or expanding. Buildings don't typically sit empty for long. Growth has been an on going theme over the last 30 years. The population has grown about 30% since 1980 and is currently more than double what is was in 1960. Of course with the growth there has been several changes. New neighborhoods were created out of open space.Some older neighborhoods had some zoning changes and allowed homeowners or investors to convert single family homes into multi family apartment houses.
Other changes have included several new buildings and business centers.  The schools and regional hospital … (0 comments)

home selling danbury ct: When selling my home, do you ever get to meet the buyers? - 08/14/17 02:32 PM
When you sell your home, there is a very good likely-hood that you might not even might the buyer. Here's some reasons why:
-Sellers should not been home when there is a showing. If you go by toward the end of the time window and there are still cars in the driveway, circle back in a few more minutes. For all showings, the prospective buyer must be at the property with their own real estate agent.
-The offer on the home is set from the buyers agent to the your real estate that you hired to market and sell your home.  It is commonplace in … (0 comments)

home selling danbury ct: Choosing A Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home in Greater Danbury,CT - 07/31/17 11:56 AM
There are many factors on deciding which real estate agent that you want to partner with for selling your home your home in Greater Danbury & Candlewood Lake. By choosing the right real estate professional, you have save yourself time, money and stress in the moving process. Think about the following questions.
-Do you feel comfortable working together for the next few months?
-Have they had the experience with properties in the neighborhood?
-Do they know the market?
-Are they telling me what I want to hear or being forward with the truth?
-Are they prepared to talk about the market and the home selling process at your … (0 comments)

home selling danbury ct: Relocating To Danbury,CT: What To Know& Expect About Local Real Estate - 07/08/17 01:18 PM
There are several things that are different about buying or selling a home in the Danbury,CT area than other parts of the country. Things are:
-We don't have title and escrow companies handle the closing. Each the buyer and seller has their own real estate attorney.
-At the time of closing, it is expect the home be delivered in broom clean condition with the seller completely out of the home. Having the homeowner rent back from the new owner is uncommon.
-Typically the home buyers inspections are done before a formal contact is signed between the buyer and seller. The cost of inspections are to be … (1 comments)

home selling danbury ct: For Premium Home Pricing, A Home Must a Premium Product - 05/31/17 02:45 PM
If you are like most home sellers in the Danbury,CT area, you want to get the most money out of your home when it is time to sell. What a lot of sellers need to understand, in order to get premium pricing your home show be in premium condition.  That might requires sellers having to some some investing on the back end of the it, in order to make it up on the front end. Home buyers in the Danbury,CT area are usually educated on the market and usually want to secure new housing that is in good condition without too much updating needed. If … (1 comments)

home selling danbury ct: What Happens Once Offer is Accepted to Sell My Home in Danbury,CT? - 04/10/17 08:23 AM
As a homeowner in the Greater Danbury and Candlewood Lake Area of CT , the process of selling your home is a little is different than when you decide to purchase. The steps are as followed we have an agreement on to sell:
-Receive signed offer from buyers to sign which you sign.Buyers deposit check is deposited.
-Contact your attorney who prepares the contract
-Buyers perform the building inspections at their expense. Once completed ,any inspection items to be negotiated. Buyers formally applies for financing.
-Buyers review contracts with their attorney and sends to your attorney.You review the contract with your attorney.Any changes to be … (0 comments)

home selling danbury ct: Buying a Home: Reality Vs. TV in Danbury,CT - 01/21/16 08:36 AM
Buying or selling a home in Danbury,CT is a lot different than what you see on HGTV and other home improvement networks. Let's get real about the real estate buying and selling process in Northern Fairfield County,CT.
-Most buyers look at more than 3 homes and then decide on one. 
-It takes more than an hour to go from severe fixer upper to perfect condition.
-A full marketing program resolves around more than just having a public open house, and having buyers appear and have several offers right away.
- Some of the ways negotiations and logistics of closing seen on National Television … (1 comments)

home selling danbury ct: What do you mean my home is overpriced? - 06/28/13 02:15 AM
“What do you mean my house is overpriced?”
Through the course of the sale of course of the sale, there may be sales of listings or other homes come on the market listed for a lower value than your home. Feedback from the showings have regularly stated the buyers have some problems with things that can be changed or things that can not be changed. Showings have slowed down. No matter how many showings you have or how many open houses and marketing is done, nobody wants to buy your home. 
After reviewing all of the activity and sales, the market determines … (2 comments)

home selling danbury ct: How fast can homes in Danbury,CT sell? - 04/24/13 11:22 AM
There are several things that determines how fast a home sells for:
-Supply: The more homes that are on the market, your home would have to stand out for the competition. This includes condition, price and marketing.  Supply is effected by economic conditions, job changes, new construction and desirability.
-Condition: You as the homeowner determine the condition of your home. You should know the ins and out of how the systems work. Like most people, I am sure you have made improvements,changes or upgrades to the house as you see it over the years as you see fit your family’s needs. As your … (1 comments)

home selling danbury ct: Yes, You Buy A House Based on What You Sell For, Not the other way - 09/11/12 02:55 AM
You buy a home based on what you sell for, not the other way around.
The sale of your current home and the purchase of another home once your home takes a deposit are independent of each other. Most people I know that want to buy a new house, since they are tired of their current home, need to sell their current home in order to move on. I understand completely about trying to get the most money out of their current home in order to have a good down payment on their home of your course.
The value of your current home … (0 comments)

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