photography: Upgrading Your Photography Skills - 03/25/17 12:17 PM
I have always enjoyed taking photos on vacations, family events, etc., but I really got hooked on photography when I first started blogging 10 years ago.
While that interest has inspired me to take thousands of photos, and to upgrade cameras several times, it's never been enough to get me to take a course. I simply play with the camera, or read a bit in the instruction manual, and somehow my skills have improved some, but many times I think it's just my luck.
Thanks to Dick's post we now have a free online course from the Harvard Extension Program to take … (11 comments)

photography: The Fallbrook Library in Fallbrook, California - 03/01/14 05:04 AM
The Fallbrook Library in Fallbrook, California
The Fallbrook Library (or more officially, the San Diego County Branch Library in Fallbrook) is a very cool piece of architecture, as the photos below will show.

I drove by it in the rain yesterday when showing property in Fallbrook, and it was too good a photo opportunity, especially the garden on the roof (see below), to not stop and snap a few photos.
The 19,000 SF Fallbrook Library opened in January 2011 and won a San Diego Architectural Foundation’s “Orchid” award (better than the “Onion” award!!). Next trip out there … (3 comments)

photography: IPhoneography - 02/03/14 03:14 AM
I attended the CRS (Council of Residential Specialists) Sellabration Convention in Coronado (San Diego) from January 30 through February 2, 2014 at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort.
It was pretty intense, with some top notch learning and networking with outstanding agents from around the country. 
One of the sessions on Friday was about iPhoneography, with Dale Chumbley, CRS and Heather Ozur, CRS and was of particular interest given my enjoyment of taking photos and being a relatively new iPhone user.
I learned a number of things that will be of particular use in my business with my iPhone, but … (25 comments)

photography: Sellers, Are Your Listing Photos Ho Hum? - 11/20/12 11:58 PM
Sellers, Are Your Listing Photos Ho Hum?  
I was looking at the photos of several MLS listings that one of my sets of buyers is interested in and found myself saying “ho hum.”
They really were uninteresting (yawn suppressed), and while they weren’t poor quality they just did not create a very positive impression of homes priced at $800,000.
Quite frankly they were sooo booorrriiing.
It didn’t appear that whoever took them put much thought into what they were photographing, or how the photos looked on-line.
They were clearly not professionally done, which is … (16 comments)

photography: It's Jacaranda Time Again in Carlsbad CA - 06/02/12 10:05 AM
It's Jacaranda Time Again in Carlsbad CA  
It's almost summer in Carlsbad and it's jacaranda time again.
These spectacular purple trees are in full bloom all over Carlsbad. One of the best collections, seen here, is at the Vons Shopping Center in La Costa at the corner of Aviara Parkway and El Camino Real.
While the dropping blossoms do tend a cause a mess, especailly on cars and sidewalks, you can;t help but appreciate the brillian purple against other green trees or a perfectly blue Carlsbad sky.

photography: How Can a REALTOR Take Photos That are so Bad? - 02/26/12 12:43 AM
How Can a REALTOR Take Photos That are so Bad?  
This from an experienced buyer I know who was looking at houses in the Carlsbad area on-line.
“They ought to be shot.” (the REALTOR, that is).
In this age of inexpensive digital photography, one does have to wonder. We complain about it all the time but the reality remains that many agents either do not know how to take a decent photo, or they simply don’t care, perhaps because they don’t feel it makes a difference.
Perhaps with REOs and short sales, or price points where there … (76 comments)

photography: Your Camera is Your BFF in Real Estate - 02/21/12 12:27 AM
Your Camera is Your BFF in Real Estate  
Your camera is a pretty important part of your real estate arsenal these days – true of many who are not agents, too.
Indeed, your camera just might be your BFF in real estate. For some it IS their business!
For sake of argument I’m including that camera that’s part of your Smartphone, but for some uses I think the digital camera is far better in terms of quality.
Yet, there are some who seem to have a fear of their camera, don’t like taking it anywhere in … (74 comments)

photography: Shout Out for a Great Real Estate Photographer: Scott Basile – And Some Great Learnings, too - 06/05/11 04:02 PM
Shout Out for a Great Real Estate Photographer: Scott Basile - And Some Great Learnings, too I first met photographer Scott Basile several years ago when I organized a free educational session for the San Diego members of the Southern California Chapter of CRS (Certified Residential Specialists) in 2009. He came highly recommended to me (I put out a tweet on Twitter), although I can't recall who referred him. Anyhow, it was a great session, with lots of tips on how to improve our real estate photography. Scott is easy to talk with, had good examples of do's and don'ts, and made it … (16 comments)

photography: Photo Tips You Can Use in Your Real Estate Business...and Perhaps You Really Should - 03/20/11 03:45 PM
Photo Tips You Can Use in Your Real Estate Business And Perhaps You Really Should   
I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination. 
I enjoy it, and I take a ton of photos, but I am not especially good at it.
That said, I am always looking for tips to help me do a better job, since I take most of my own pics in my business rather than paying a professional (there IS a time and place for that, however). 
For those of you who may be neophytes like me, perhaps you will benefit from the … (39 comments)

photography: Speechless Sunday - Cancun Moon - 11/15/09 03:28 PM

I took this photo from the balcony of our room at the Westin Lagunamar Resort in Cancun Mexico one evening (Monday Nov. 2, 2009) as we were enjoying a glass of wine before dinner, watching the full moon rise. I didn't have my tripod so the photo was a little shakey, but catching the cruise ship coming past the edge of the hotel added some interest. Not quite as good as the real thing but you get the idea. 

photography: Speechless Sunday - almost - 08/02/09 03:43 PM

You can't visit Arizona without being impressed by the Saguaro cactus - we drove by this the other day on our 3 day trip to Sedona and Scottsdale. They grow very slowly, and this one, given the number of arms, is probably about 200 years old. Cactus wrens love them and use them for nests - you can often see lots of holes. So different from the cactus we see in our area of SoCal.

photography: REBLogWorld LIVE from Las Vegas Sept. 19, 2008 - 09/19/08 08:02 PM
I'm sitting here LIVE at the Las Vegas Convention Center in, guess where, at the REBlogWorld Convention.
Right now I'm listening to Teresa Boardman, a favorite blogger, educate us on PHOTOGRAPHY and WEB.2.0 (moderated by Pat Kitano). I also just listened to Mariana Wagner talk about Click to Close (and had the chance to meet her F2F for the first time). More on her talk later.
Some tidbits:
Photos on your blog show your knowledge and help sell your community
Google likes photos - check out IMG_1045 - but only if they are labeled. Huge advantage if you LABEL your photos.

photography: Carlsbad Buyers - Are You Using Technology to Your Advantage? (Part 1 of 3) - 08/05/08 11:45 AM
There probably aren’t too many of you who are looking for a Carlsbad home (or anywhere for that matter) that aren’t using technology in some manner. In this day and age it is hard to escape. But are you using technology to YOUR advantage?
This is a 3-part series on how Carlsbad buyers can use technology to their advantage before and during a real estate transaction.
Here we begin with the home search.
Searching for a home, whether locally or for a relocation, is best accomplished on the Internet.
Whether you are venturing out on your search … (9 comments)

photography: The Camera is My Client's Best Friend - 02/15/08 09:12 AM
There has been much written about photography here on ActiveRain recently, touching on a number of issues.
For example, our resident photoblographer, Teresa Boardman, has awed us with her photos for no reason (Do I Need a Reason?), of the Mall of America, and when documenting the sad state of the foreclosure debacle (Blog Posts can Help).
Lola Audu shared a wonderful article today on one of the most famous photographic companies in the world, Polaroid. Along with a bit of nostalgia.
This post has been percolating for a few days, but these last articles (and so many others here … (25 comments)

photography: A Trek up Diamond Head in Honolulu, Hawaii - 01/31/08 03:36 PM
For those who read my Blogging at 35,000 feet post, you know I just went to (and now returned from) Hawaii for a 5 day trip. Three days of being lazy (sort of) and sight seeing a bit, and 2 days of an intense CRS convention (look for an upcoming post on that).
Diamond Head State Monument (yep, it’s a mountain, well, actually it’s a crater believed to have been created about 300,000 years ago by a brief eruption) offers a great 30-45 minute hike (or a little longer one way depending on your physical condition and energy level) up about … (24 comments)

photography: A Photographic Journey of Southern California - 10/15/07 03:21 AM
WARNING - this is a long slideshow, about 100 photos, but it represents much of what I enjoy about Southern California and some snippets into daily life.  Sometimes photos say it better . Enjoy! (no points here!)

photography: This Camera on My Desk Keeps Me Sane - 04/24/07 03:43 AM
My camera is my friend. AND it keeps me sane - sorry, Chris, but I just can't seem to identify my camera as male or female nor to give it a name. But I still love it! And unlike Chris's "Gretchen," I know a bunch of you also have the same friend - the Kodak v705.
I wrote previously about what a friend my camera was and how it could be YOUR friend too. And over time I have realized how important my camera was to me. That fondness was driven home to me just a few weeks ago when I lost my … (19 comments)

photography: I Love Avocados - 04/19/07 10:41 AM
I admit it - I love avocados. I enjoyed them while living back East, with an occasional foray to a great Mexican place in Cambridge that made the best guacamole (other than mine, of course).
Now that I am here in California, my passion for avocados has increased, in part because they are so plentiful and cheap. I particularly like them grilled. And, since living here in the last 2 years I have also had:
Avodaco ice cream (yep, I was quite good)
Avocado soup (both chilled and hot)
Avocado mousse
Another favorite, however (in keeping with the original purpose of this blog) is … (17 comments)

photography: Need a New Friend? Maybe it's Your Camera - 03/08/07 08:41 AM
Do you need a new friend? You might want to make it your camera. Going off a bit here into psychological, esoteric land, I guess, but bear with me - the point will be gradually revealed.
This is NOT about the mechanics and techniques of photography. There are far better people than I right here on AR to give us those lessons. Cheryl Johnson has shared some good stuff on technique when taking photos (Photography 101: Exposure Trilogy: The Third Fundamental, and Photography 101: Depth of Field, for starters) and our resident photographer, Bryce Mohan, is giving us all some great lessons, FREE of … (23 comments)

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