arizona real estate: Spooky Creepy House Noises and What to Do? - 10/22/19 10:12 PM
OK OK, it is Halloween and there are creepy creatures and sounds everywhere. But what if your house is where the sounds are coming from and it is no longer Halloween. Well, read on...
                             Does your house make spooky, creepy sounds? Time to investigate
Well in researching the matter, Parker and Sons in Phoenix, state: 
"Creaking and banging house noises are sometimes normal, but they might be a little scarier around Halloween time!
It could just be a harmless “bump in the night,” or it could be a major problem, and … (0 comments)

arizona real estate: Things To Do in Arizona for October 2019 - 10/01/19 06:05 PM
Things to Do in Arizona throughout the state during October 2019 and all year round.  The link provided here is dynamic and updated daily through the year providing activities of all types. Check in often for the latest updates from the best sources in Arizona. Check out the various Octoberfest festivals in the Phoenix metro and around the state. Professional and College Football seasons are in full swing. Get up to the high country and check out changing of the colors and  culinary events,  festivals, art shows, golf, hiking. Halloween is careful out there! Octoberfest Festivals Octoberfest festivals abound, see more at Things to Do in … (1 comments)

arizona real estate: Real Estate Planning...Recession coming or not? - 09/20/19 03:38 PM
With Autumn arriving today and the year of 2019 well intp the second half, one's mind turns to the coming year and real estate decisions that may need to be made. Buy or Sell a home? Is this the right time to invest in real estate if a recession coming? Will the strong growth of past 3 years continue or run into a stone wall? Mortgage rates are low now, can I afford to wait another year? What about home prices?
An Important Lesson
One important lesson that has been reinforced for me during the last decade is that real estate prices are cyclical. Oh … (1 comments)

arizona real estate: I Declare National Cheeseburger Week in Phoenix - 09/20/19 10:19 AM
Yes, September 18 was National Cheeseburger Day, why not make it National Cheeseburger Week in Phoenix Arizona! We have some great cheeseburger gourmet and not so gourmet restaurants. Here are the 15 best hamburger/cheeseburger restaurants in Phoenix Metro per Foursquare City Guide. I also love Houstons in Scottsdale and also the Denny's Patty Melt (not on the menu) and fries is always dependable wherever you are in the state and less expensive. Note, There are over 1,500 national days. Don’t miss a single one. Celebrate Every Day® with National Day Calendar® and information on National Cheeseburger Day which follows!
NATIONAL CHEESEBURGER DAYNational Cheeseburger Day on September … (2 comments)

arizona real estate: South Mountain 202 Freeway Phoenix-Chandler- Opens - 09/15/19 06:54 PM
The 22 miles of the Phoenix to Chandler South Mountain Freeway from Phoenix to Chandler looping behind South Mountain through Tolleson, Laveen and Ahwatukee began the first interchange opening on September 6, 2019 with full opening expected by the end of 2019. Cross country traffic and commuters can now avoid down town Phoenix altogether on Interstate 10.
South Mountain Freeway Loop 202 Phoenix to Chandler
First interchange opened on September 6, 2019 on South Mountain Loop 202
South Mountain Loop 2002 Freeway Map
 The new freeway will make homes in Laveen and Tolleson even more valuable with easier access
Living in the Phoenix Arizona Metro Area 

arizona real estate: BIGGGG Family Homes For Sale Phoenix AZ Metro - 09/10/19 10:44 PM
Do you have a Big Brood? Need a BIG Home? Well here are Large family homes for sale in Scottsdale Arizona with 5,000+ sf of living space. Scottsdale is one of the best places to raise a family in America. Read on...
                                                   Big, 5,000+sf home in Scottsdale, Arizona
Do you have a large family? Are you bumping into each other in the hallway? Does your large family resemble the Brady Bunch? Bring the brood!
You need a BIG … (2 comments)

arizona real estate: Tiny is great in God's Creation...Tiny Homes? Not So Much - 08/31/19 11:32 PM
God's beauty is in tiny hummingbirds, bees, butterflies and bats which are all common sights in our own back yards right here in Scottsdale, Arizona. There is beauty in these tiny things.
Tiny Bees and Pollination...a wonder
Beauty of Pollination and what goes on in the Back Yard on full screen at
Tiny Hummingbirds are awesome
                    Hummingbirds are bountiful in Scottsdale, Arizona (Pixabay)
Feast your eyes on some of God's smaller and amazing creatures. So small yet so complex.
Now, tiny homes? Well, it is not my cup of tea (so to speak).
Tiny Homes? I don't understand the Fascination

arizona real estate: Summer Fading...Health Increasing - 08/21/19 10:19 AM
August is National Wellness Month
Celebrate with These 4 Easy Wellness Tips
Between last-minute summer vacations from the Phoenix Arizona metro with one last trip to San Diego and the beach and the start of back-to-school season, August as the last full month of Summer can be a hectic time. However, it is also National Wellness Month, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of self-care, stress reduction, and healthy habits. In honor of National Wellness Month, here are four easy ways to boost wellness
Before Summer ends...Head to the Beach for Meditation to San Diego or somewhere in California

arizona real estate: Make your Home "Smile" - 08/19/19 03:51 PM
What is the best thing to do in order to sell a home? What would you do?
Make it "SMILE"! of course
A baby's smile is inviting, your home should be also
You heard right! Same as a cute baby, or in an interview. Smile, sparkle, make the interviewer like you. Same thing with your home, to attract a buyer...make it SMILE!

Make your house SMILE and inviting so the buyer says....."I remember that one"
Some of the things are so simple:
1. Work on Street Appearance- First impressions are very important!
2. Clean
3. Remove clutter
4. Plants, porch chairs, fountain, arch, picket fence all say this is a "happy" home
You don't have to … (3 comments)

arizona real estate: 6 Fresh Ways to Update your House Numbers - 08/16/19 10:09 PM
We update everything else in our homes. But, how about your house numbers?
Houzz;; iStock
Per Kelsey Mulvey of on August 8, 2019: When considering the look of your home's exterior, your landscaping and paint color probably are first to come to mind. But there's another design element at play here—one that's easy to forget about but that can make your home stand out above the rest if done right: your house number.
"House numbers may be a necessity, but they don’t have to be boring," says Kriss Swint, director of interactive strategy and design at Royal Building Products. "They can add an inexpensive … (3 comments)

arizona real estate: Age Restricted Homes For Sale in Phoenix AZ Metro - 08/11/19 02:00 PM
Age Restricted Active Lifestyle communities and homes for sale in the Phoenix Arizona metro area are well planned and plentiful. Live in an area set aside for mature adults but close enough to all that the Valley of the Sun has to offer.                                              Canta Mia at Estrella in Goodyear (55+ Active Lifestyle) Looking for 55+ Age restricted neighborhoods detached homes for sale in Phoenx metro like these in Canta Mia at Estrella in Goodyear? See here on this link and folowing with … (0 comments)

arizona real estate: A Tree Can Tell A Story...Just like a Home - 08/07/19 12:34 AM
An amazing tree can make the home sell but also can tell a story. Just like a home can tell a story.  I love homes that tell a story.
What story do you see here? 
A boy left his bike chained to a tree when he went to war in 1914. Tree grows around bike on Vashon Island, Washington state.  By Todd Bates on Flickr and also on
Do you wonder who walks up those stairs? 
                                                Treehouse in the Woods (Pixabay M Maggs)
For an … (19 comments)

arizona real estate: Arizona in Business to Do Business...Come on Over! - 08/05/19 01:08 PM
Arizona is in the business of doing business and attracting new business start ups and businesses and residents from elsewhere...especially California.
In this era of a booming economy in the US, led my the elimination of business killing regulations, Arizona has just taken another first step as Arizona becomes the first state to accept most professional or occupational licenses issued in other states as acceptable and encouraged. Arizona is encouraging professionals to move to Arizona. What a concept!
Arizona is Open For Business- Come on Over!
Arizona is continuing other efforts  in US of elimination of job killing regulations has become the first state in US to accept out … (0 comments)

arizona real estate: Are these Old Real Estate Sayings Actually True? - 07/29/19 12:22 PM
You may want to take some old home buying advice "lightly". Some of these home buying "tips" may fall into the category of an "old wives tale" or may be true with a "grain of salt". What am I saying? Be careful of some traditional home buying advice.
Buying a home is a major life decision, and for many people, it is the largest purchase they will ever make. Therefore, as a home buyer, it is important to carefully consider all advice that you receive in light of current market conditions and your own needs, circumstances, and desires. Inevitably, you may receive … (6 comments)

arizona real estate: Favorite Top 50 Hiking Trails in Arizona - 07/22/19 11:30 PM
Summer is the time to explore some more of Arizona's favorite Top 50 hiking trails discussed here and mix in some cooler mountain hikes for variation.
     If  staying in Scotsdale there are 60+ miles of circular and crossing trails in McDowell Mountains #2   I have some of the Top 50 hikes in Arizona for you to enjoy this month and on into the new year. There is so much to offer in the state from pine trees to deserts. Without even leaving the Phoenix metro area we have over 60 miles of trails in the McDowell Mountains of Scottsdale not to … (6 comments)

arizona real estate: It is HOT in Phoenix...So GO TUBING on Salt River! - 07/10/19 01:02 AM
Temperatures over 100 degrees getting to you in July? Well head to Mesa and the Salt River and COOL DOWN and have some FUN!
Time to go tubing on the Salt River with tubing through the Summer Months.    Salt River  Tubing float downs are a BLAST!                                                        Salt River Tubing in Mesa                                                … (2 comments)

arizona real estate: Steady the Ship...Use Me... Avoid the Unexpected - 07/06/19 10:38 AM
Time to steady the ship and chart a path for smooth sailing when it comes to the largest financial decision that most of us ever make, Selling or Buying real estate.
STUFF HAPPENS it life, the unexpected surprises we just have to deal with it. Some days are just better than others. However, to avoid the unexpected, use an experienced REALTOR®, namely ME, on your next real estate sale or purchase and avoid surprises.
The Big Success

arizona real estate: Bamboo Sheets...Literally the "Coolest" Sleep Yet - 07/06/19 02:39 AM
Bamboo sheets, you have to try them says, Catey Hill of on July 24, 2019. Sleep comfortable and sleep cool.
"Add some bamboo to your bedroom.
Bamboo sheets, that is. “Typically during the summer that’s all I sleep on since it can get pretty hot here in Reno. Bamboo sheets typically sleep cooler than sheets made out of silk, synthetic fibers and cotton,” says Matthew Ross, the co-founder of mattress review site The Slumber Yard, adding that they’re also “lightweight, soft and very comfortable.” Certified sleep coach Bill Fish of sleep resources site also recommends them, calling them “quite durable,” with “a … (5 comments)

arizona real estate: Thank you Tom, Betsy, George and Ben - 07/04/19 05:05 PM
Thank you to Tom, Betsy, George and Ben and the rest of our founders and their families. Happy Birthday July 4, 1776 to the United States of America. Land of the Free and  Home of the Brave. Always striving to be better, no not perfect. God Bless Amercia.
Source: Wikepedia. Betsy Ross 1777, a ca. 1920 depiction by artist Jean Leon Gerome Ferris of Ross showing Gen. George Washington (seated, left), Robert Morris and George Ross how she cut the revised five-pointed stars for the flag.
The Fourth of July—also known as Independence Day or July 4th—has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941, but the tradition of Independence … (3 comments)

arizona real estate: Don't Buy Home Alone! 6 Reasons To Use REALTOR - 07/02/19 04:31 PM
Buying a home is the single largest purchase in a person's life time often in excess of $300,000. Sure here are tools on the internet and Sellers and their agents would love to have you buy the home directly from them. But, would you be getting the best deal purchasing your Home Alone? It is nice to have someone on YOUR side of the purchase that is looking our for YOUR best intersts.
6 Reasons Buying a Home
without Your Own REALTOR®
is a Bad Idea
Most people start shopping for houses online when they’re ready to buy. Then they start looking for … (0 comments)

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