Meeting unexpected costs during retirement can be difficult if you don't have much income coming your way. Oftentimes social security and savings may not be enough to meet an emergency expense, and many retirees don't bring in enough in monthly income to afford a home equity loan. In these cases,...
Between the stock market and the national news, it can be worrisome to be an investor that relies on the ebbs and flows of the Dow Jones industrial average. But what about real estate investors? Whether you’re a private homeowner or a real estate investor who wants to diversify out of stocks, the...
Home prices can be expensive, which means that your closing costs will also be more expensive as a rule. With closing costs averaging in at about $7,227 nationally, it might be tempting for you to roll those high fees into the cost of your mortgage. Being able to roll your closing costs into your...
Can You Pay Your Mortgage With a Credit Card?A lot of enterprising individuals today are guilty of being "churners" when it comes to maxing out credit card rewards (myself included). If you're adamant about eeking out every extra penny in rewards, then you've probably thought about paying your mo...
Even as American politicians debate the causes of global climate change, current research shows that major natural disasters have dramatically increased over the past few decades. Data available from NOAA, for example, shows that the average number of annual billion-dollar weather and climate dis...

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