real estate: The Kansas State Fair, Good Times - 09/15/09 08:59 AM
The Kansas State Fair is like a whole world unto itself. Just forty minutes west of Wichita the fair is close to the best little city in Kansas.
One can easily get lost in time and space while wandering around the 280 acres of buildings, rides, fairways and commercial vendors. There is so much to see and so much to do it all can't possibly be done in a single outing.
Get there first thing in the morning on the first weekend. That's the best time to see all the many different animals before or shortly after they are … (3 comments)

real estate: Wichita Kansas is the Home Of The Sedgewick County Zoo - 09/11/09 09:59 AM
Lisel and I spent last Saturday at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita Kansas. The Zoo here is quite possibly the coolest piece of real estate in Wichita. We love the Zoo. Opening in 1971, it's among the 20 largest Zoos in the country.
Out Zoo is nationally renowned and ranks among the best by visitors and visiting officials alike. This place is home to something like over 2000 different animals in large (for the most part) naturalistic exhibits. So much to do and see a full day could easily be spent at this Zoo. The admission fee is … (1 comments)

real estate: Wichitas New Humane Society; A Hotel For Lost Pets - 08/18/09 09:19 AM
If you like and care about animals like I do, then you'll appreciate our new Humane society and animal shelter combination here in Wichita Kansas. The new state of the art building is modern, attractive and inviting, unlike the old animal shelter that was downright scary with it's twin smokestacks spewing what we hate to think about ominously into the sky. 
The two are now combined in the same area to better care for lost and homeless pets. Best described as large, Clean and very accommodating with central heat and air. The animals are kept very comfortable indeed as they await … (6 comments)

real estate: The NBC World Series in Wichita - 08/11/09 06:44 AM
The National Baseball Congress is in town this week for nonstop baseball action all day and all night. NBC world series is played in Wichita every year by competing semi-pro teams around this time much to the delight of area ball fans. Teams come from both coasts and everywhere in between to participate. Thirty six in all.
The stands are full of baseball fans continuously coming and going all week. Some hard core fans even set up tents and bring campers so as not to miss the slightest bit of action. On Saturday night I went with my Mother and … (0 comments)

real estate: Wichita Gets Noticed!! - 07/30/09 08:21 AM
Wow, the city I live and work in selling real estate was recently voted number one on Newsmax. Wichita holds the number one ranking of the "Top 25 Most uniquely American Cities and Towns." Not sure what that's worth, but what I found interesting, and I agree, was that we were rated  a 9 on culture.
It must be the underground culture. Really, you would never believe it by the things you hear about Wichita. Nothing to do, flat, full of rednecks and then we had that little mini scandal where they tried to ban teaching evolution in the schools.

real estate: School Days Again - 07/27/09 08:44 AM
I like slow days like today in real estate. On days like this, after all my work is finished, and there is really nothing left to do at the Wichita office, it's time to go to school. Time to take advantage of a little down time and learn something.
Learning is a lifelong process. We start as soon as we are born and we don't ever stop. Experience teaches us, as do our mentors, the books we read, the people we listen to and our environment around us. The process of learning, or experiencing, comes natural, but can be pushed too. … (0 comments)

real estate: Good News For Home Builders, and Real Estate Too! - 07/17/09 03:54 AM
Good news for housing could mean bad news for home buyers. Those sitting on the fence waiting for prices and rates to drop are taking a pretty big risk. Interest rates are to low as it is to support this debt ridden economy and raising them could put a damper on the recovery. Know what "catch 22" means. It means we're stuck between a rock and a hard place.Many economists and analysts believe the economic recovery in this country rests on the shoulders of the housing market. Once the market begins to turn around, as we are seeing clear signs of, … (0 comments)

real estate: A Great Time To Buy - 07/12/09 09:00 AM
If ever there was a good time to invest in real estate, it's now. Seriously. We happen to believe the bottom is in. Regardless of whether it is or isn't there are several factors that bring me to the conclusion that it is time to buy now.
The first is that the banks need money. Banks are in trouble, they need money to survive. Not all banks of course. There are many regional banks that avoided this economic crisis we're in by following sound business practices and lending money to people that could pay it back. The problem is that the … (0 comments)

real estate: Still Renting? - 07/05/09 08:03 AM
Are you still throwing your money away on rent? Really, think about it. Every month you write that check and give to the landlord, never to be seen again as it disappears into his pocket Being a land lord has got to be one of the easiest jobs there is. He buys a house, just like you could, then lets someone live there while he builds equity and makes profit. Sure once in while he may have to fix something, or paint or whatever, but overall it's a very stress free and profitable existence.
I'm not suggesting you should become a … (5 comments)

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