historic buildings of prince william county: A Gentleman Came To Her Rescue - 09/17/13 09:05 AM
After the Civil War ended Manassas prospered and became the business and cultural center of Prince William County.
By the end of the 19th century Victorian style homes lined the streets of what is now Old Manassas.
A very large number remain and are lovingly restored, occupied and a source of civic pride.
 However, one on Prospect Street had not fared as well.  Its' last owner neglected it and it was eventually abandoned and scheduled for demolition by the City of Manassas.  I featured it in a post last year titled
 "Is This Any Way To Treat A Lady?"

historic buildings of prince william county: The 19th Century Russell Farmhouse in Woodbridge Va - 10/25/12 11:21 PM

Most Prince William County residents who look at the picture on the right would say, "That's Daks Grill on Minnieville Road in front of Cowles Ford" and they would be right.
However, it's also the 19th century flagstone Russell farmhouse.
Unless you took a few minutes to read the historic marker tucked under a low hanging tree alongside the parking lot you would have no idea of the history surrounding the building.
Daks is one of our favorite steakhouse restaurants, but the interior with its' wide plank floors and old walls have much more meaning to us now.

The Kruschkas are long term … (16 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: Americana #23 - Working For The US Post Office For 122 Years - 10/20/12 07:22 AM

Mail collection boxes similar to the one pictured above were first put into service by the US Post Office about 1850.
About 1890 they were converted to heavy metal which means the box above is approximately 122 years old.
Although they were removed from service about 1960 this box is still in service outside the equally historic Manassas Railroad Depot (1904) with daily mail pickups except Sundays
The Kruschkas are long term Prince William County residents with 36 years experience as real estate professionals serving Woodbridge, Manassas, Dumfries, Manassas Park, Bristow, Brentsville, Gainesville and Haymarket.Experience Isn’t Expensive – It’s PRICELESS … (20 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: Weems-Botts Museum, Dumfries - Home Of Two Notable 18th Century Men - 10/14/12 08:03 PM

Dumfries has the distinction of being the oldest chartered town in Virgina. It was an important seaport much like New York City, Philadelphia and Boston - a center of culture and business. Prominent people like the Masons, Lees and Washingtons were frequent visitors.
Mason Locke Weems (1759-1825) was both an ordained Protestant Episcopal pastor, bookseller and author. His most famous work was "The Life of Washington" in print from 1800 to 1927. It was the source of the chopping down the cherry tree "I cannot tell a lie" myth. It was second in sales only to the Holy Bible for many years … (24 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: Americana #20 - The Innovation Dairy Barn in Manassas - 09/27/12 11:37 PM

The first 25 years of the 20th century saw tremendous growth in Prince William County dairy farms as farmers switched from corn and grains to supply the increasing demand in the Washington, DC area. This was especially true in the Manassas area.
W. T. Thomasson purchased 39.5 acres in 1905 at the junction of what is now Route 28 and the Prince William County Parkway. To put it in perspective his holdings increased to 452 acres at the time of his death in 1950.
Since dairy barns were notoriously hard to keep clean at the time, "WT" designed the barn above - it … (28 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: Americana #6 - Rent 153 National Historic Landmark "Homes" - 08/05/12 03:35 AM

Of all the programs that Franklin Delano Roosevelt implemented shortly after he assumed the presidency in 1933 the two that left a great physical legacy were the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). Both agencies had the goal of putting a large number of unemployed to work on community infrastructure projects. The CCC recruited young men 17 to 25 years of age.
In Prince William County they were assigned the task of building Camp Chopawamsic (now Prince William Forest Park) to provide both recreational and educational opportunities for poor inner city children.
Prince William Forest Park has … (9 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: An 1865 One Room Schoolhouse That Has Seen Better Days - 07/26/12 11:03 AM

The one room 1865 Buckhall School is on Moore Dr just off the Prince William County Parkway on private property which ncludes a vacant, restored early 20th century general store that is listed for sale.It was 100 years old when restored by the Buckhall Civic Association in 1965. As you can see in the photo above the time for another face lift has long since passed. It would be a shame to see the schoolhouse destroyed due to the role it played in the early development of Prince William County.Unlike many Northern Virginia counties, Prince William did not experience rapid … (12 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: Is This Any Way To Treat A Lady? - 06/28/12 06:27 AM

This Victorian sits among many others in the historic part of Manassas, VA. As you can see the unsafe porch has been taped off and it has been boarded to keep vandals out. The City of Manassas is planning on razing it if repairs are not made
It is a shame to see any building in disrepair. It is especially troubling when you realize how few historic buildings are left in the country. The fate of this building is uncertain at this writing, but it would be heartbreaking to see it razed.
Historic Buildings of Prince William County
The Kruschkas are long … (24 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: Lucasville - 1885 African American School Continues To Teach - 06/17/12 08:24 PM

Lucasville School
10516 Godwin Drive
Manassas 20110

The 1885 Lucasville school was closed in 1926, moved to a farm and used as a storage shed. This is how it appeared in 2007 before restoration was attempted and it was moved to its' present Godwin Road location. Less than 5% of the material could be reused - neglect and termite damage was too severe. Photo courtesy of the Prince William County Historic Preservation Division.
The Virginia General Assembly approved a statewide system of free public education for all citizens in 1870In 1883 the African American members of the Lucasville community petitioned … (4 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: The Women of Liberia Plantation , Manassas VA - Built In 1825 - 04/21/12 12:58 AM
Harriett Bladen Mitchell Weir and her husband William James Weir built Liberia Plantation in 1825. It was designed in the federal style, but was not as elegant as most federal style homes of the period. There was a wing at the right which housed the kitchen - there is no accurate record as to when it was removed,
The 1,620 acres of land for the plantation was deeded to Mrs Weir by her mother. Yes, her mother. In 1776 the Virginia House of Burgesses gave women the right to own and transfer land. Mrs. Weir, in turn, deeded the property … (8 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: You Pay A "Fine" To Be Sent To The 1822 Brentsville County Jail - 04/13/12 09:23 PM

Built in 1822 the Brentsville County Jail is the last building to be restored in the Brentsville Courthouse Historic Centre which is also home to Brentsville One Room Schoolhouse Brentsville Union Church Restored 1850 Haislip/Hall Farmhouse Great care has been taken by the Prince William County Historic Preservation Division to restore the buildings in the complex faithfully using materials of the period and the same attention is being paid to the jail. Additionally, the jail is undergoing archeological work to uncover crawl spaces beneath the building. According to division chief Brendon Hanafin "The original work has lasted pretty well for … (22 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: Enjoy 18th Century Dancing At Rippon Lodge April 14, 2012 - 04/09/12 11:41 PM

Country dancing was all the rage in 18th century America and was undoubtedly enjoyed at circa 1747 Rippon Lodge.You can put your best foot forward, learn both the dance steps and etiquette of the period.

Rippon Lodge
15500 Blackburn RoadWoodbridge 22191Saturday April 14, 201211 AM, 1 PM and 3PM $7 per person
Participants can enjoy cookies and lemonade after dancing
A house tour is included Call 703-499-9812 for more information

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Kruschkas are long term Prince William County residents with 35 years experience as real estate brokers serving Woodbridge, Manassas, Dumfries, Manassas Park, Bristow, Brentsville, Gainesville and Haymarket.
Experience … (10 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: An Old Agricultural School Now and Then - 04/08/12 10:30 PM
In 1908 The Virginia General Assembly granted money for an agricultural school in each of the state's 10 Congressional districts. Manassas was chosen as the first school to be built with funds from the grant. The school sits next to the historic courthouse built in 1893
While digging for the foundation two graves of Civil War soldiers were found. It was decided to leave them there and have the school serves as a memorial to those who died in the war
By the time the school opened in1909 at a cost of $16,000 there was a greater need for an elementary school and … (16 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: What Would Queen Victoria Say? - 04/03/12 09:04 PM

"I am pleased to have these Manassas homes named after me." During the late 19th and early 20th century Victorian style homes were quite popular in the City of Manassas. It was and still is the largest of the three incorporated communities in Prince William County. These homes are only one of the many attractions that draw people to Historic Manassas. It is a treasure trove of cultural. dining and recreational activity. With few exceptions the large number of Victorian homes have been restored and are well maintained.

Of course, she might have wandered beyond the Manassas city … (18 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: Hamlet Would Have Loved This Hamlet - 03/29/12 11:27 PM

That is one sign you can believe as Occoquan is Historic - a tobacco warehouse was built there as early as 1736 and an industrial complex was under way by 1750.Occoquan means "at the end of the water" in the Dogue Indian language. There are falls just north of the town, but then the river levels out on its' way to the Potomac River. It made canoe travel easy and there was a good supply of fish.

The town grew rapidly with forges, rolling mills, bake house, warehouses and homes - all before the turn of the … (15 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: Hammill Hotel, "The" Place To Stay in 1830 Occoquan VA - 03/17/12 12:16 AM

The story of Hammill Hotel, an early 19th century (ca.1830) made of brick is inextricably woven into the history of Occoquan, VA
Occoquan got its' name from a Dogue Indian word translated as "end of the waters." Located along the shore of the Occoquan River which joins the Potomac River a few miles away the location was naturally suited for commerce.
By 1736 there was a tobacco warehouse and by 1750 an industrial complex had begun. The town had water grist mills, saw mills, a bakery, forges and homes.
It was the growing level of commerce that prompted Edward Hammill to open Hammill … (12 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: Retiring After 190 Years Of Bridging - 03/12/12 08:40 AM

The bridge above was built in 1822 as a railroad bridge for the Virginia Midland Railway, a defunct subsidiary of the no longer existent South Railway system.
Somewhere between 1920 and 1924 it was moved to its' present location on Aden Road in Nokesville spanning the Norfolk and Southern railroad tracks.
The bad news is that it is a one lane bridge and Aden Road is a two lane roadway. For approximately 190 years drivers of horse and wagons or station wagons have had to stop and determine if opposing traffic was on its' way across the bridge.The good news is that … (14 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: Brentsville Elementary Began Teaching In 1870 and Served Until 1944 - 03/07/12 10:18 PM

The Brentsville School District held its' first meeting in December of 1870. The Brentsville Village private school was converted to a public school. By 1878 enrollment justified the hiring of an assistant teacherIn 1886 it was determined the schoolhouse was in need of major repairsThe Brentsville courthouse became a potential replacement in 1892 when Prince William County built a new one Manassas due to the center of population moving westwardThe courthouse was sold to the school district in 1910By 1928 the remodeled courthouse needed extensive repair and the school district approved the construction of a new one room schoolhouse next to … (4 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: Ben Lomond Plantation Manor House, Manassas - Built in 1832 - 03/02/12 06:48 AM
The Ben Lomond site was part of 70,000 acres of Virginia land owned by Robert "King" Carter In 1732 he deeded the 8,000 acres in Prince William County to his son, Robert Carter IIBlood relationship enabled Robert Carter III to inherit all 70,000 acres in 1745In 1776 he named the Prince William site Cancer PlantationIn 1791 he filed a "Deed of Gift" in District Court, setting in motion the gradual emancipation of 452 of his slaves. making him the largest slave owner to voluntarily free his slaves in American historyIn 1830, Carter III's grandson, Benjamin Tasker Chinn inherited Cancer Plantation and … (13 comments)

historic buildings of prince william county: The Henderson House Was Built Long Before 1776 - 02/27/12 05:42 AM

Built in Dumfries circa 1750 for Daniel Carol Brent it was probably constructed with bricks used for ballast by ships arriving from England. Originally it had 10 rooms, but now has 21 and 11 fireplaces.
Sometime after 1790 it was sold to Alexander and Sara Henderson. He owned four stores and is known as "Father of the Chain Store".. One of their 10 children, Archibald, became the fifth commandant of the USMC. The "Granddaddy of the Marine Corps" served more than 38 years.
During the Civil War the home was used as a hospital. For many years the house was occupied by criminals … (19 comments)

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